ok I admit it.... I'm a GLEEK

When Glee first aired I was so super duper excited! musicals are right up my alley and my not so secret life long dream was to be on Broadway! I mean I really wanted it but life had other plans for me. Sometimes when I have watched a musical or play I think... I could do that....well not so much the singing part! while I can carry a tune and sing harmonies I really am not a "soloist"...choir yes, solo no! I have been in a few small town productions and actually juggled around part wise so I could do the acting but not the solo's that came with them :) I do love to sing, we sing a lot around the house and I am not a quiet shower singer but belt it out! but acting....that is something I much better at. I am good at doing impersonations as well. But again not meant for me in this life time....not that my life is even close to being over!! but my role as mom is much more important.

So back to Glee....my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this show as well....and while there are certain aspects that are WAY to grown up for the little ones I admit I let them watch it..... we have had quite a few talks about what NOT to do while we are still young! I bought a Glee CD and we listen to it all the time. I love all the styles of music and love watching my girls sing along and make up dances.

My girls are all pretty dramatic! between J and I there was no chance of them not having a flare for the dramatic side of life. My youngest in particular is extremely dramatic. I think she actually has quite the talent. We were getting groceries last week together and she all of a sudden starts singing " I am going to sing instead of talking, momma do you want some cooooooooorrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn" it was pretty funny then she grabs a jar of Ragu, holds it by her head and starts doing the commercial, "ragu, it has a full serving of vegetables and your kids will love it", now I am really cracking up and so are the other people in the aisle. It is so funny to me how she can remember commercials but struggles in knowing the days of the week! ( she does have a learning disability, disgraphia or audio processing disorder ). I think she needs to be encouraged in acting and am going to look for some local way/group to do that.

It is pretty save to say that me and the girls are all GLEEKS! and proud of it!


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