but baby it's cold outside

I think I have mentioned before that my favorite Christmas song (non-religious just for those that think I may be going to hell in a hand-basket!!), is "baby it's cold outside".....well me and my bald head are feeling rather cold these days! I went to get groceries yesterday and wore one of my hats ,as it was raining, and while shopping the fridge aisles I found myself freezing....like almost teeth chattering!! today I wore a hat to work and a hoody and I went from over heated to flinging off the hat and sweater only to put it back on once the steam had all evaporated off my scalp! it is a strange feeling my friends, strange indeed! I had to wonder if this is a small taste of what menopause is like....hot flashes will not be pretty! maybe I should shave my head then to?!

Overall I do not find people staring at all. I had a customer come into the store today with a real bald head, you could tell she definitely lost her hair. She quickly pointed to me winked and said I love your hair! It was a pretty cool moment.

When I catch my reflection at times I almost feel started, I totally see the family resemblance in certain features.....mainly the nose....definitely a nose from my dads side of the family! Em walked into the kitchen this morning and did a double take...they are not really used to it either! and they love to rub my head.

Foo told me last night that she loved that I shaved my head and was really happy that I did that for Geli....coming from an 8 year old I thought that was pretty cool....it was quickly followed by a "I hate everyone" when she was sent to bed at the early hour of 8:00! one of the backlashes of teaching my children to speak what they feel :) doah....anyways....all in all I don't have any feelings of missing my hair or regret or anything like that. I am planning on letting it grow back and not keeping it shaved like Patti is. I admire her for deciding to keep her head shaved as long as Geli does not have hair! that is pretty amazing!

I do plan on having some fun with it as it grows out...might try a little platinum...a little red....a little punk!! may open up a whole new permanent look for me! Do you have any suggestions on what you think I should try as it grows out???!!


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