bring it on baby

I have 3 sleeps until the big shave. I have had quite a bit of time to get used to the idea and get prepared. People ask me all the time if I am nervous or scared...I usually answer...yes and no.

The closer it gets the more I am feeling "bring it on baby" !! I mean what can I do? I said I would do it, the goal was surpassed and I am usually good on my word! In a selfish way I feel good about being able to DO something, as insignificant as it is, it makes me feel better! and recognizing that we are creatures that are in need to appease ourselves..... I feel good about what I am doing.

I didn't set off to really do much more than raise some funds for my dear friends and I have been pleasantly surprised by the ripple effect it has caused. I even had someone come into the store and tell me I was their I certainly wouldn't call what I am doing heroic by any stretch of the imagination and I was caught off guard by that, it does help in the moments that I start feeling insecure in loosing what many women consider a prized possession.

There really is no way that Geli can be in attendance this Saturday to do the deed as her immunity is way way way way way too low and add to the fact that J is sick and the girls are not feeling great I have been exposed and therefore a danger to her. Never mind a crowd that we are expecting to acquire to witness the all new me! We are going to set up my laptop so Geli can be there via skype.

So this is quite a to mark my family's record books as not only am I shaving my hair off Sat but my Emily fell last night at a friends house and broke her shoulder....her right shoulder and yes she is right handed and her curling that she is signed up for begins shortly not to mention school started and she can't write...let alone attend for the next couple of days! we do realize it is only a bone and it will heal! hopefully quickly and correctly as she is quite an athlete! We also added to our family for the duration of the school year with a 16 year old exchange student from China... of the male gender! no I am not crazy the alternative of another young female was more than I could emotionally handle right now and an independent teenage male is much better! so....the crazy drama in my life continues...although I am done with the drama I do acknowledge that I seem to thrive in chaos :) so......BRING IT ON BABY!!!


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