There have been a few times in my life when I crash and fall.
For a lack of a better word, crash, seems to say it all.
I can carry quite the load and at times, do it all on my own.
I look inward for the strength to get me through.
Running on empty is what I seem to do.

Just keep moving one limb at a time.
Carrying all the responsibilities that are mine.
Asking for help would seem weak and frail.
I think I have enough strength to prevail.

When then at the end of the tunnel I see a light
my body reacts the rope not so tight
the weight that I can no longer bare
was actually meant for me to share

on my knees yet once again,
the weary way of men
He gazes and He smiles
says, daughter, it's been awhile

Let me hold you, feel my Peace
feel my strength and let it ease
No longer gaze inward, gaze at Me
My Daughter, My Love, be free


Victoria said…
AMEN!! Totally can relate as well!!
Shash said…
that's awesome La La
rena said…
Lise, did you write this? It's beautiful and very reflective. Thank you for sharing it.
Lala's world said…
Rena I wrote it at the time I was posting it! thanks for the compliment

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