almost but not quite

My store's "the little tip jar that could" is getting pretty close to the amount I set just over a month ago. As far as what I initially thought or expected...... well we are pretty much where I thought we would be. I estimated that by the end of Aug we would be at the $2,000 goal. Of course there was that hope that we would surpass that goal...far far surpass that goal was my deep hope. I approached several business' and banks but the usual answer I received was I am so deeply sorry for your friends....but.... we cannot give donations to individuals, only registered charities. While I can understand that being a business owner myself and enough sense to realize there are a LOT of hurting people in our own backyard never mind the world!! I feel a little frustrated. Wish I could do so much more. But it is what it is and the fact that the little tip jar that could has raised more funds this summer than we ever collected in tips in a year is pretty exciting and in no way do I want to under mind that level of achievement. I am pretty excited. I am pretty nervous in how I will look bald and have to laugh at all the people who are still trying to convince me to bail on following through! The local paper did an interview and hopefully we will see that bring some more people to give what they can. I hope we can surpass the goal and I will definitely post pictures when the big event happens!!


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