when you don't know what else to do...

The above picture is my dear long life friend and her daughter. I have been blogging about them the last couple of posts as Geli was diagnosed with Leukemia June 17th. She is 13 years old. I was thinking today about the day she was born, I actually remember what I was wearing as I navigated my way to her hospital room already feeling the tears brimming...and yes my outfit was LOUD! it was 1997 and I was rocking a multi colored bright bright jumper dress!!! I remember holding her with her red chubby cheeks and seeing the shock of dark hair she was sporting! She was beautiful and I loved her instantly. I love her mom and I love their whole family. I am fortunate to have the privilege of her dad and my hubby be best of friends. It's a whole mismashed family and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So much of me feels so angry that this has happened to her and while I have faith and believe that she will be completely healed this whole process sucks. I feel helpless and so much of me is struggling at what can I do? I think so much of our humanness and even community drives us to DO things...not just sit idly around. I am not much of a sitter anyways. But what can I do? cook? they definitely need meals and yet I live a bit of a distance and rarely make it home to cook my family dinner....this kind of left the going and cleaning her house as well...not sure if any of you have seen my house on a oh you have dropped by with no notice oh well here let me just shut all the bedroom doors and pick the banana peels off the floor :) my hubby clearly reminded me that I can't even keep on top of my house..this is not a criticism but a fact since I work quite a bit..... anyways all that to say that I was struggling to find what I could DO for them. Then one of my staff at work asked if they could donate their tips to the family... I was like.. oh um yes that would be wonderful, does everyone agree? yes?! ok great! then after being at their house last Sunday and hearing how much all the meds cost that Geli has to be on. Even with their extended benefits they are having to pay quite a bit. Add to this the need to make their house as healthy as possible for Geli as she enters her 2nd stage of treatments. It was such a mix emotion for me as you can see from my last post! I had no idea how much families going thru chemo have to pay on their own. I just assumed that with all the fund raising that goes on and our great and wonderful Public health care system all would be good. WRONG!!!

All this to say I have found what I can DO for my dear friends. I posted a note in the store with the picture above thanking our customers for their donations already and then I wrote....if we can get to $2,000 for the family I too will shave my head... in the store!! All Geli's Aunties have shaved their head and her maternal grandparents and my hubby...it's pretty moving and awesome. I have been asked why I haven't asked for more than $2,000....to be honest at first I was going to say $1,000. In a little over a week our tips for the family came to $265 so I thought we might reach $1,000 before the end of the month and why not push it back a little farther and see if by the end of the summer we could reach $2,000! Then I announced it on facebook and the emails started...asking me for the address so they could send chq's....my family is putting in a lot of $$ they all want to see me bald! :) I am thinking we can reach $2,000 fairly quickly and beyond. How amazing would that be? Extra funds for this family who's bottom has fallen out and their lives are completely turned upside down. Selfishly, I feel like it's something I can DO and that makes me feel like I have a voice against this disease and I am not just sitting idly by.

If you care to donate just email me or leave a comment and I will be happy to add it to the total and hand it over to this incredible family.


Xani said…
Well it says on our blog that Geli has no more cancer cells in her bones. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!
Shash said…
I am going to figure out how we can set up a foundation of some sorts for them. I'll talk with Dave about it and the legal aspects.

The kids and I are going to collect bottles - they're looking forward to see how much we can raise. I'd love to see you go bald!!! lol Maybe I'll fly out there when it's time!! :-)
Shash said…
K, I put a donation button up on my blog. Dave has to call the charitable lawyers to see if we can run donations through the church books for receipts. I'll talk to Dad to see if we can do it through iHelp Ministries.

Shasher's Life... Will you help my sister shave her head?!

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