today I observed

Today I observed a very sick little girl get an overload of information and I am sure it is not the first time. I observed her attempt to give me a weak smile after just returning from a procedure which included chemo and a bone marrow biopsy. I observed a twinkle and sparkle in her eye as she talked to me about going to high school this coming Fall. I watched her learn to walk with crutches and push past her pain and discomfort. I watched her do the exercises the physiotherapist asked her to do and once not whine or complain about it.

Today I observed a dad watch over his daughter with such love in his eyes. I heard him speak knowledge to the care givers at the hospital, I saw him give a smile and encouragement to all those who came across his path. I observed how much he loves his family and cares deeply for his wife who just had their 5th child and cannot be there all the time which is breaking her heart and therefore breaking his. I observed a man who walks with integrity and compassion and strength that I felt in awe of. I listened as he shared the peace he feels which seriously passes understanding.

Today I observed a miracle in that this family is really holding it together and holding each other up in a complete time of chaos that defies explanation. Today I observed what it looks like to rest in the center of His hands. Today I observed Peace. Today I observed Loved. Today was an amazing day.


rena said…
and they are blessed to have you as a friend

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