Life as I know it

coming home from a holiday I am pretty sure requires another holiday! between craziness at work...and craziness at work....never ending laundry and trying to squeeze in some much needed time with the life is nuts. Simply stated we are too busy, I don't like it and something has to give.
my eczema completely cleared after a few days in a few days home and it's back.... I feel like I am whining and totally spoilt but I want to be back in Hawaii so bad!! I have to say that the fact that we have a pool, even with the boiler not working properly, is such a blessing and is my oasis when I get home from work. I really feel blessed to have that. Today the view of Mt Baker was also breathtaking..we do live in a beautiful Province. SOOOOO glad that summer has finally seemed to have arrived here on the West Coast!
I think the biggest thing that we took from our we need more holiday time! we used to camp when Morgan was little every chance we could get...then Em came and the next summer we had Hailey....we kind of stopped taking holidays and really have not made it a priority in our little family. Now that we have a pool and live a 2 min walk from a very sought after's nice! I know we are fortunate to live here....I am trying not to stress about the people who bought our house that have found there is a prob with the sceptic and are trying to put blame on us and accuse us of knowing about it and since that might become a legal mess I am sure I cannot publicly blog about it so I am going to leave it at that and just ask for those that care about us to pray for the truth to be known and justice to prevail!!!... I may have to delete that at some point! anyways!!!..... we are determined to start saving and make taking our family on a real vacation somewhere nice and memorable a priority. Morgan graduates in 2 years..... 2 YEARS PEOPLE! that is insane...don't even know how to begin how to express how that feels or how that is humanely possible!!! anyways I digress...AGAIN!..... our goal is in 2 years when she graduates OMGSH.. to take all the girls to Hawaii! so this means cutting back on what we spend the most $$ monthly on and that seems to be eating out...which means I need to cook more or get the girls to start helping with the cooking and since I work almost 6 days a week every month...something needs to give!

life as I know it needs to change! there are things that just cannot delay our attention, things that need us to make them a priority and not just simply take things as they come and be ok with it...time to make some changes, get everyone on board and get a holiday fund started cuz I cannot WAIT to go back to Hawaii...

have I mentioned how amazing that place is? I can't wait to go back!


Shash said…
Yup, holidays area a must! They are a priority in our life and we do all that it takes so that we can have a good one. People don't realize how much we go without in order to have those 2-3 weeks of peace.

We had the same couch for 14 years and then only got a new one 2nd hand through a classified ad.

We have never bought ourselves a TV, we're using ones that Students leave behind :) a nice perk to spoiled international students I guess.

We've had the same patio furniture since 1996.

We've had the same van since 2000.

Our stove was found in a barn for free :)

Our dining room table we found at a garage sale.

5 years later... I still don't have a finished house...

and we eat out maybe once a month.

Sacrifices that we're willing to make so that we can get away and relax and enjoy each other and see another part of the world.

It's worth it La.

Buy a crock pot and get those girls cooking!

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