it's official

Well after living in this house for almost a full year...the end of August it will be one year..... we OWN it! yah doing the little happy dance.

I know I haven't mentioned before that we were not the official owners, that would be due to the fact that I am used to things going upside down at times and you know the saying " until the fat lady sings"....well I am singing now!

To make a long story short we had to come up with extra funds we were not initially aware of blah blah blah....but now the papers are signed sealed and delivered. We still have a lot of work to do on the house...most of the appliances bit the biscuit after moving in and the house needs a lot of attention... a LOT! one of foo's friends who speaks his mind quite freely said to me..."your house sure is ugly isn't it?!" ah yah it's an old house and has some old problems...but it's our old house and our problems and you can't beat the view and the pool!

we are blessed!


Anonymous said…
It is a beautiful home forsure and I know where you can get top of the line appliances!!!!!!

Shash said…
I like your new colours!! :) if you give me your password... I can tweak it a bit more!!

I'm glad that the deal is done and that - that monkey is off your back and you own it own it now!!

rena said…
Bet that feels good!! Congrats!

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