for Stefanie

In a land not so far away in a time about 35 years ago there lived in a small city nestled in the green green mountains 4 small girls. These girls were great friends knowing each other as far back as they could remember. In fact 3 of these girls lived on the very same street, 2 right beside each other and the other right across the street. These girls all so different in their own way, even in looks, one with red hair, one with brown, one with white blond and the other with dirty blond. They were quite the foursome at least in the oldest of the crew's mind. Unstoppable adventurous and quite happy in their childhood innocent bliss.

The 4 made plans to all live on the same street when they grew up and raise their kids together. They dreamed together, laughed together, fought and made up. They played endless games of Little house on the Prairie and Red Rover. They loved slumber parties and sleep overs and walking to the local corner store to buy $.25 grab bags and Big Mouth suckers.

They had a wonderful childhood together. They thought they would be best friends forever. One summer 2 of the friends, the red head and the oldest..the dirty blond... moved to another sea-side town which to them was the other side of the world. Letters and a few get togethers were exchanged but years and distance separated the group of 4.

The oldest of the group...the one who loved to be the boss since she herself had 3 older sisters and finally got to be the "leader" always thought of those years, the games that were played, the dreams that were dreamt, and the wonderful memories that made her childhood sweet innocent and happy. The oldest kept in contact with the red head and the brunette the following 29 years but lost touch with the white blond who never moved away and to this days family still lives in the same house nestled in the green green mountains.

The fearless 4 all grew up, all got married and between the 4 of them produced almost 13 children, the 13th to be born this very month. To say these girls have had their share of dreams broken and hearts torn is sadly nothing but the truth. After growing up they learned what most grown ups have to learn, that the journey holds bumps and bruises and even pain you thought you could never bare.

Today, May 31st, one of these girls lost their husband, the precious white blond girl with the rosy cheeks sparkling blue eyes and love pouring out of her. Her husband had cancer and left this world at way too early of an age. The oldest girl is so sad so so sad for the beautiful white blond girl who has to parent her 2 little boys by herself. Who has had to say goodbye to her knight in shinning armor.

Time and space, destiny and providence have moved these 4 girls to different places. No longer are their hands dimpled nor do they run carefree thru the fern thick forest. Tonight the oldest girl wishes for the white blond girl a dream filled sleep, of bubbles floating through the giggled soaked air, of white billowy clouds and childhood chants, of walks through the forest searching for treasures and frogs, of happier times when she met her husband and they planned their lives, remembering the birth of her sons, rejoicing in the fact that she herself survived cancer, dreaming of her sweet husband and all the joy he brought to her life.

I wish you much joy Stefanie, peace, and the dreams you dreamt when we were all little to come true some how some way.


Shash said…
wow La! what an amazing tribute!! I'm bawling my eyes out - my tears are making it hard to see to type! I feel so sad for Stefanie and for the boys Max left behind. I couldn't imagine her sorrow. I do hope she focuses on the good and doesn't get swallowed up with the bad.
Anonymous said…
This is such a pretty memory about 4 special young friends... I'm sorry that your dear friend has lost her husband! Please remember that our loved ones who die first are okay, they are waiting and watching out for us. They will never truly be dead because they continue to be alive in our hearts.
Tarasview said…
what a beautiful tribute... what a tragic loss.
Patti said…
So, so sad. I'm thinking and praying for Stephanie and the family. This was a beautiful post!
Cheri said…
I agree with Shash...what an amazing tribute.

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