looking forward....

There is so much going on lately, so many things I would love to pound out my thoughts on but the biggest constant in my life right now is the lack of time. I feel like a broken record! I know this is just a stage of life we are in....with 4 girls in full time school. grade 10, grade 5, grade 4 and grade 2....life would be busy for me if I was home full time. I would love to find a balance I am just not sure there is a perfect balance out there for me right now. So I have to make the time I do have count.

We leave for Hawaii in 1 month... I am sooooooooooo excited and cannot wait! I am sooooooo ready for this time away. It is kind of hard for J as work is really picking up for him and he is really busy. I just keep thinking about the beaches, the sun, the coconut aroma in the warm air. I want to go snorkeling and be tossed by the Ocean waves! I am really really looking forward to it! Even though I haven't been deligent with going to the gym :( again lack of time and really I am not sure I care that much..while I would love to lose 20 pounds and lose the jiggly I am not that unhappy with myself to put the effort in it requires, not a big enough issue for me to make that a priority on a very limited time schedule.

J and I have only ever left the Province 2 times in 15 years together! once we went to Edmonton for a friends wedding...and whahoooo that is only the Province over from us, and the other time we flew to San Fransisco to visit J's dad for a few days. For our honeymoon we went to Salt Spring Island for a week, it was really nice and we had our own little cabin and it was on a private lake that J went fishing on every day...even in the weee hours of the morning. The second week of our honeymoon we went to my Uncle's Ranch where I was sick all week and J went hunting.... so REAL exciting! this trip is LONG over due! J doesn't really like hot climates and Hawaii is not on his top list of places to visit mostly I think b/c there is no hunting there!

The time away together is much needed. Between my work and his work and the 2 youngest soccer and the oldest's play practice schedule (she has a part in her school's senior play which they perform this coming week and I am doing the makeup and hair for...I love doing that kind of thing and I love being involved in something that is important to Morgan even more) and the 2nd's extremely busy social life....we seem to be missing each other these days.

We used to go out on date nights pretty regularly but again the schedule doesn't allow for too many of those either lately. 10 days away with just him...(and my parents since they are the ones taking us!) is going to be such bliss. I can't wait to sit and just be with him on the cruise ship with no cell phone vibrating, no distractions besides the luxury and beauty around us and no demands. My cell phone goes off a lot for work at all times.....it's not something he is really not fond of, a sore spot actually. I will not be taking my cell phone with me! I will take my lap top....have to connect with my kids somehow! and of course to down load pictures. ;)

Just me and my baby.....how sweet it will be!


Shash said…
The ship has an internet cafe, you have to pay for the wifi connection and it can get really expensive. Dad usually buys time there though as he likes to check his emails and facebook every day. :-) You won't need your laptop.

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