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Instead of bloggin about how tired I am...which I am....or how busy I am...which I am... actually I have no idea what I am going to blog about! I get these random thoughts here and there and think oh wow that would make a great blog post and then I get busy and tired and yeah...forget!

So tonight I am going to attempt to graze on some of the things I have been thinking about.

First before I say anything else all I think or am going thru as a family, seems like nothing compared to a childhood friend who's husband has been basically been sent home.....ok I can barely say it.... he has stage 4 cancer. He is 36. It is such a sad situation and everything I think I want to say to her sounds so empty. I cannot even imagine what she is going through. They have 2 small boys. She is a cancer survivor herself. So lately when I am feeling overwhelmed I think of her. They have a blog, she is so strong, she is amazing.

That's kind of hard to follow..... makes so many things trivial.

struggling with this one, it all seems so unfair.

so I think I am not going to blog about what I was thinking....which was basically a few ideas on community and a few ideas/thoughts I had on it and how to create it more in my family.... it can wait.

I will give an update on M....things are not really better, she is struggling with putting herself out there with her peers. She is afraid of this happening again especially since she is still not sure of how it even all came down in the first place. Words cannot really describe how hard it is to watch her struggle to go to school. She is hiding out in the library. She wants to be home schooled. She is withdrawing. It is so heart breaking. I know she will come through it and she is learning a hard life lesson but at the same time you just want to protect and shelter and smother!


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