Birthday Season

All of our girls birthdays are between Jan and May...and 3 of them have their birthdays only weeks apart...I know poorly planned on my part :) it usually ends up an exhausting momma don't want to plan another party by the time I get to Foo's. Sadly my Hailey was missed this year and it being her 10th birthday and the fact that she didn't have a party last her own choosing, she took me to the spa instead :) this was a bummer for her...although she wasn't sure who to invite but that is another post as my 3rd daughter is yet again having a hard time at school and I am almost at the point of pulling her and figuring out if I can work f/t and home/work school...... but again that is another post....
Tomorrow is my baby's 8th birthday. My baby is 8! that is crazy! I am so proud of her. She is so giving and so tender hearted. Most people fall in love with her! she has a lot of love to give as well. This year we had a movie then swimming party at our house and she was only allowed to invite 4 friends...thats about all the kids I want to be responsible for in my pool..and even at that I asked a mom to help! (I only had to go into the pool once in my clothes to pull a little girl's all good!! uh hem) she told me who she wanted to invite which included a boy in her class that has a f/t TA for issues I had no idea about. Foo was insistent even though I have to admit I was nervous not knowing what the issues are and was unsure I was equipped to handle it alone. (Yet again J managed to plan a weekend away on a planned birthday party...he has yet to be here for 1 in a LONG time...another post!!) She didn't care what we did for her party as long as her little friend was able to come. So I got over my small apprehensions and invited him. HE WAS SO EXCITED to come to her party. He has severe ADHD and some other disorders and is a very busy little boy. He did really well in the theatre for about 20 min then he informed me by saying "faith's mom I can't sit here anymore", he actually has amazing verbal skills! He tried for about another 5 min and then I had him pace the aisles and he did really well...asking me only about every 3 minutes if it was time to go to my house to go swimming yet. He was really good. Foo told me that no one else in her class has invited him to a birthday party or to a have a play date. She is determined to change that. She amazes me. Her heart overwhelms me.

Turns out her friends mom and I hit it off immensely and I think I have made a new friend. Her ability to love and accept others opens doors for all those around her. She is my last miracle baby with a heart over flowing with love. Love you baby girl, Happy 8th Birthday!


Shash said…
That's my incredible Foo!! Happy Birthday special girl with a heart of gold! You are amazing!!
Cheri said…
How sweet of your Foo.

My dad, grandpa, my two brothers and I have our birthdays in the span of 4 weeks. It was crazy.

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