what are the odds?

We came up to the cabin for a little family holiday this Easter weekend and we got a little more than we bargained for! We came up Thursday night and Friday late morning J and I decided to drive into town to get a movie and some more yarn ( I am crocheting a baby blanket for my niece who is having a baby this summer ) and about 5 minutes into our drive.... we are about 20 minutes from the nearest town.... and I commented on the wind that was out of this world... like completely crazy.....then I noticed a tree to our right swaying like a tree shouldn't sway...and then I saw it coming down.... I raised my hands over my head and and screamed..... ..then whamo... crash....and then stunned silence as we slowly rolled to a stop. J didn't see it coming...... he was in shock sitting there with our entire windshield smashed completely. We both sat there for a minute then a truck drove past saw the tree lying across the road realized what just happened (not entirely sure they got it when they first saw us just sitting in the middle of the road!! ) so then they backed up and asked us if we were ok... we just stared at them for another few seconds then we said yes and slowly got out of the van.... we had our 9 year old with us she was sitting right behind me. The man helped J move the tree off the road and the lady swept our seats which were covered in shattered glass. It was crazy, we were totally dazed.

We were not hurt! and that is a miracle specially when you see the size of the tree and we realized the tree snapped in half with the biggest thickest part of the trunk falling to the right and the skinnier top of the trunk falling to the left on us. The tree was a dead pine tree, our BC epidemic! we have so many and I can't help but wonder how many more this may happen to, our worse! I pray it doesn't! there are too many for the Gov't to get to! an epidemic is putting it mildly.

the piece lying closest to the side of the road is the part that fell on us.

proof of how much the tree shattered....completely dried out!

(my hood and side panel of my van)

Hailey was a little in shock as when we returned to the cabin..driving very slowly cuz a tow truck would not come and get us this far out on Good Friday!! The wind was so brutal that we lost power from noon till 1 am this morning and Hailey went and hid afraid that a tree was going to fall on the cabin. I have to say that I am a princess and roughing it with no power and 7 little girls and 1 toilet that you can no longer flush is NOT fun! we had to melt snow to fill the tank to flush it....yuck! (we have friends up here with us that arrived last night after all the drama, they have 3 little girls!) Today we drove the van very carefully into town took forever to find Speedy Glass that told J on the cell yesterday emergency line that they would be open today....and were NOT indeed open... and then we learned that NO auto glass repair shop was open in this the 3rd largest town outside the lower mainland (beside the Island)... crazy to me! I was NOT impressed... in fact I lost it a little bit....I felt all sorts of nervy and stressed right out. Now the verdict is that they will LOOK at it on monday and will hopefully replace the windshield so we can at least drive home and then we will get the rest of the van fixed. I felt quite uneasy driving today and feel a little on edge. I also feel extremely thankful that we are all ok..... we totally get that it could have been SO much worse and are thankful for our Angels!!

Now I am determined to enjoy the rest of our Easter weekend....which is taking more work than I would like but I am thankful for something bigger than all this... His LOVE!


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