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I discovered something on my what are the odds weekend! you will have to read my last post to see what the odds were! I discovered that although I get car sick if I read in the car I do not get sick if I crochet!! so I crocheted my little fingers off.... I made 2 baby blankets for my niece and then I decided to google "how to crochet a hat" on Monday morning and have made 4 hats already.. I think I am addicted! it is so fun and I love love love that something that I make is completed so quickly! one of the things that I have found that makes me ticks is the sense of accomplishment. I also love being creative, from sewing to painting to crocheting to scapbooking (well not in a long time sadly) I love to take something "raw" into my hands and see what becomes of it. Having this outlet is so necessary for me. When I haven't been creative in a while I can almost feel it boiling over in me and I just got to DO something. It's a great therapy for me. (I have completely stopped taking the anti-depressants....I came off them the right way and I am feeling fine, last weekend certainly was not helpful but I have come to the point that I think my problem of depression was lifted with the house selling up North and what I am still working through now is anxiety... key being I am working on it and communicating with J how I am feeling is huge and even though I can feel my patience level with the kids go down off the meds but again I am working on it.)
This little girl pictured above is turning 10 tomorrow...DOUBLE DIGITS! she is so excited and has NO idea what she wants for her birthday...which leaves me just as stumped...we are going to have her party next weekend in the hope that our pool will be functioning and we can have a pool party.

I think I am on a roll with the hats...getting a little better with each one as I continue to figure it out and now I have "orders" hehe well more like family demands!! haha Shash just kidding! :) I love making stuff for people and exploring the creative side of me!


Patti said…
cute hats, and so scary about the tree on the van. YIKES!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey lovely, glad to hear you're feeling on the up.

I identify hugely with your creative streak. For me it's jewellery! :D

I'm always around if you want to cash in on that coffee... :)
rena said…
Great job! They and the girls in them, look great.
Shash said…
oh La La!! I love love love them!!!

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p.s. I WANT A HAT!!!
ed said…
so love the hats. talented you are.

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