We have recently been internetless at home... I cannot believe how out of touch I felt with having NO Internet and therefore no facebook, crackbook or whatever else it is called! Not having access to emails meant I forgot important pick ups....mostly our youngest daughters soccer equipment (since recovered) which J has signed up to be the coach, which means I am helping to keep him organized and all that that means! it's crazy! Both the younger girls are playing soccer this Spring Season and that means 2 practices during the week, not on the same day which I am still not sure is a good or bad thing, and back to back games on Sundays... this means no church for a few months which is not a good thing but unavoidable at this point.

So things are crazy and I have to say that I have moments..several moments...during the day that I miss the laid back lifestyle of the North. I miss my friends there. I miss the easy going lifestyle. I have to admit there were many crazy moments there as well....being there without J was insane...and I am not even sure that is what I am wanting to blog about right now... what did I want to blog about??!... well..... I think it's a little bit about the loneliness that creeps in when life is busy and you are not really connecting with anyone and then out of the blue.... you make a new friend that feels easy and effortless and just...well just right! that is what happened tonight... I let Foo have 2 friends over after school ( we just got our pool ready for the season...cleaned and treated and sparkling blue again and heated, although a little TOO hot!) and her one friends mom stayed and we got to talking and talked and talked and just connected! she is a single mom and my heart SO goes out to her! She is Korean and is here in Canada with NO family and is making it on her own...literally! For the last 7 years she has struggled to be "settled", it was such an amazing evening.

We walked down to the beach for ice cream and when walking the promenade we watched a Coast Guard Hovercraft pull onto the beach. We walked over and saw they were letting people go on board so we got in line and were able to tour the was pretty cool! a very amazing opportunity. In the midst of a crazy week.....workplace challenges to say the least, watching J struggle physically again, being sick and recovering from the soreness from the accident, there was a breath of fresh air this evening learning of some one's story and finding a friend that I can relax with and just be me....totally priceless!

It was really neat after feeling disconnected from the "web" world we are so emmersed in to actually connect with a person in such a real way.


rena said…
I love that last bit..."after feeling disconnected from the actually connect with a person in the real way"...that's the way it was meant to be! Glad you found a new friend. Very precious.
Patti said…
Sounds awesome, girl. Praying this is the first of many more amazing "connections" for you locally and abroad.

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