my favorite Olympic memory

I thought I would share 2 of my favorite Olympic memories with you.

the first was waking up early....something I DO NOT enjoy!! running...literally... cuz we were a little behind schedule...(oh and if you are wondering I say sChedule...with a Ck not a cheduale!! just clarifying I am Canadian but do not pronounce it that way...k glad I got that off my chest! ha) ... what was I saying? oh yeah we were running behind schedule totally typical for my family! and we made it down with about 5 minutes to spare before the torch passed us by...I actually got emotional! I was surprised by that ... I think most us Canadians are surprised at how involved we became..the unity that has ensued...the patriotic spirit that has been let loose!
I loved watching our little city all pull together in this Spirit!
downtown Vancouver was a little overwhelming for me needless to say! I only ventured down there once and for most of the day I took the 3 girls by myself... as you can see with Foo above I purposely dressed them in colors other than red and white so I could easily spot them! I knew that most of the kids/people would be dressed in red and white and I knew the crowds were overwhelming and I couldn't stand the thought of loosing one in the crowd! I did find it a little hard to keep us all together and that was stressful for me.. I don't really love big crowds like that and without my entire family being there I have to admit I felt a little lost. I also didn't know exactly where I was going or what direction to start in or even what really I should take the girls to. I guess I should have done my homework!
The skytrain station parking lots closest to where I live were all full! so I drove quite a while before I found an all day parking lot! thankfully the sky train was pretty empty going in. (Coming home was a completely different story I have never experienced that kind of sardine packing in my own Country.. in Africa, yes, but never here! it was crazy crazy crazy! )
The Spirit/Energy was vibrant and instantly felt by me and the girls. It was really something else. We kind of wandered around aimlessly and I was amazed at how many volunteers were around with maps and friendly smiles and directions! We went to Robson Square watched the zip liners....marveled some more at the crowds and the sea of red and white with a few die hard Dutchies in Orange from head to toe! We stopped and enjoyed the many street performers, made our way down to the Cauldron...played tourist....made our way back up to the some yummy ice cream...had to talk to the girls that we were not down there to go "shopping"...they were not impressed with the many stores and the lack of shopping that was happening! then we found the guy in these pictures...he is of course a street performer and was SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! I laughed and laughed...he had the whole crowd..about 5 layers thick! in the palm of his hand. Truly a highlight for me and the girls and something we will never forget! Not really "Olympic" related but a sense of what the downtown core was like and the energy that was buzzing.

I so hope that the spirit that was birthed, for a lack of a better term, during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, grows! I look forward to seeing what becomes of this new feeling us young Canucks are experiencing! I love being a part in a turning point in the Canadian Evolution!


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