Moving forward

It's done. Over. Finalized. Signed sealed and delivered.

The house in PG is sold and the new owners have the keys.

We can finally move forward.

I cried.....J got sad... I didn't get sad I was too busy being flooded with relief.

The last few days have been a little crazy getting the last tenants to get their remaining items out and discovering a few truck loads of "stuff" being left behind...including our neighbors discovery yesterday of a freezer full of rotting meat.....OMG! seriously some people are disgusting and we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to not be landlords anymore!

I feel settled for the first time in 2 years.

I feel excited about fixing up our new home now...been organizing the kids rooms and we have started painting the outside of the house! we have removed the baby blue BIG flower original 1960 wallpaper from one of the bathrooms and it is now painted a nice tiramisu color!! and we are making it our own. It feels good. It feels more stable.

I have to say that I knew I felt unsettled but really didn't understand the depth of the overall sense of displacement that I have felt until it lifted. I think a source of the depression for sure. I have felt more myself lately and have actually stopped taking the meds....I haven't checked in with my Dr yet and I will, but I don't have the overall sense of anxiety and other emotions that I have been dealing with! We cleaned the house on really cleaned! I organized Foo's room for the first time since we moved in back in August!! thats how bad my lack of motivation has been (on top of my crazy work schedule), we organized all the bedrooms and the laundry room and storage room....and it feels good. It feels more home. I don't feel like I don't care so much anymore and I am not even sure I can describe in words how it feels other than it feels clearer.

I am happy to be moving forward. I am happy to feel settled. I am happy that I have been truly able to let go of the place up North and lose the stress. I am happy.


Reg said…
I'm glad for you. No more looking back, just ahead. Bring it on! Forward here you come. Cheers.

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