Milestones..a sweet 16

My baby turned 16 yesterday and I can hardly believe it! 16 people 16!!! this is crazy. We had a great weekend. Yesterday her friends and her went rock climbing and then came over here and "hung out" which translates to literally hanging about the house eating laughing and some more eating and then throw in a movie or 2! It was a very relaxed day! It was also one of reflecting back on the previous years and J and I reminiscing until 2:30 am...can't remember the last time we did that.
We gave her a hope chest for her birthday, the same gift I received when I turned 16. At first her and her friends were a bit confused as to what a hope chest was, so I pulled my hope chest out and we all went thru my precious memories together. I have kept a lot of little things in there from my first bottle of perfume to old pictures of my relatives to my school report cards, souvenirs from when I went to Africa, my china dolls, my sticker collection!! so many memories some sillier than others but all pieces that make up my childhood and teenage years. The last thing I put in the chest was my wedding dress and I won't add it anymore. It's a chest of things that represent how I came to be me, well me up until I became a momma. We had fun pouring over the silly poems I wrote and J loved reading my diaries!!! he discovered that I really always did love him the most! :) Morgan then understood what the hope chest is and what it represents. They all thought it was pretty cool....and then Morgan tried on my grad dress...pictured above...and my wedding dress.. pictured below... and they FIT! crazy I was tiny back then uh hem... so it was a great evening. I also let her pick out a doily that my great grandma had made... I have a few, enough for each of the girls to keep and pass on. It was a great great day.

We woke her up early and sang happy birthday to her 16 times...she started calling for help from her daddy and he promptly came and joined us in our seranade! priceless!

Tonight we had a surprise family birthday dinner for her at my family's restaurant, it was the perfect way to end her Sweet 16 Birthday!
To my baby, my first precious girl that changed me forever and made me a momma, the one thing in life that I always wanted to be. I love you forever and completely, I am so proud of you and who you are and the woman you are becoming. As you mature throughout the years know that I am always here, that I always love you, that you are always in my heart.
Happy 16th Baby!


Shionge said…
Hey, Happy Belated Sweet 16th to your beautiful daughter :)

I have a 16 years old daughter who has just celebrated her sweet 16th in Feb.

I can understand how you feel and how time flies to see them matured into a young lady.
Patti said…
A HUGE happy Birthday to your Sweet 16 year old.

Its hard to believe it's been that long, eh?

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