doing the Victory dance, well sort of

After 3 years of trying, many tears, so much frustration, stress beyond stress repeated over and over.... our house sold! The subjects have all been removed.....and we just have to wait for a few more days before we sign the papers transferring our Northern Dream over to another family.

Today I feel a little anti-climatic... maybe I will feel different once the $$ has been transferred and everything is sign sealed and delivered! but I think this is a bitter sweet moment for me.

It's been quite the journey, one that has led me to so many different emotions and questioning why? where are You? and back to why? I certainly have learned in my life that there is not always an answer and yet it hasn't stopped me from asking.

I have had to prepare myself so many times to say goodbye to that life and that dream. I have imagined what THIS is going to feel like, the relief that would flood my soul and yet here I sit remembering the good times, the struggles, my neighbors and friends, the community and I hold it all dear to my heart.

Now we move forward, what exactly that looks like I am not sure but without the strings up North attached I know it will be a lot easier.


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