anxiety versus depression & Food challenges

I have no idea what the difference is?! something that I need to learn more about for sure. As I mentioned in my last post I stopped taking the meds...mostly cuz with the sale of our house up North I felt instantly relieved and a whole lot better! I didn't feel down...didn't feel the need to medicate and being on the meds is not something I want or had planned to do for a long period of time.

So I stopped...and didn't tell my Dr...yet! and about 2 days after I did my sleeping! so now I am not sure what to do. I will go see my Dr but meantime it has left me wondering how much anxiety has to play with my mind and body. I realize stress/anxiety are huge players in ones body and mine being covered in eczema I know it is affecting me and the sleepless nights...I am getting up at all hours and bingo bango I am WIDE awake...having to put a movie on to help me go back to sleep..J is thrilled!! uh hem.... so last night I took one of my pills and stayed up as last as I could and I slept through...albeit a little groggy this morning, thankfully it is a day off for me.

I need to figure out how to deal with the stress in my life and as I am managing a new business... a from scratch business...I don't think that the stress is really going to go away magically anytime soon. I did join a gym, think that will help somewhat, I bought art supplies so I can paint regularly, I think that will help.. I need to go for an organizer...and maybe hire an assistant! My sister suggested I go to a high school Coop program and I think that is a great idea, I am just not sure I am up for training anyone right now :)

If anyone has any other tips for dealing with stress/anxiety I am open!!

On a completely different topic we watched Jamie Oliver's revolution last night on what a great show! we are going to rent Food Inc and we have already started making some changes in what we buy food wise...our youngest is "overweight"... we know it and want to help her in a healthy approach...not in a hey you're fat you need to loose weight attitude....but a lets get healthy! she starts soccer soon and I know that the exercise will help...and we are getting our pool swimable...all good things! the attitude of the people in the school Jamie was trying to help was staggering....they did NOT want him there...their ideas of what was healthy was mind blowing, had no problem with not knowing what the majority ingredients were in the frozen food products cuz the first one listed was chicken and so the rest didn't matter...scary! how many have that attitude? it's amazing how deep the levels of this go...a natural conspiracy theorist myself!!! I think what corporations, money, greed, and politics have done to the world is scary. But like Jamie said revolution can happen, change can happen... one family at a time.

This family has already started to make changes and will be making more and more... what are your thoughts on this?


SupahMommy said…
bravo for reaching out because it's such a hard topic to share it seems .. its so personal and rooted in taboo.

I take meds for anxiety and depression- it's the only thing I've stuck with consistently though I've tried many of the other things you've listed as alternatives. For me, the meds are the answer because I'm simply a different person on them. Better. I'm not mean mom, I can handle all that's on my plate without crumbling and I don't feel so darn bleek about every single aspect of my life. My marriage is also better for it. My husband also takes anxiety meds and when he misses days or screws around with his routine... I can tell.

I wish you the best in your journey and hope you find the right answer to make your journey more enjoyable for you .

Teresa said…
My daughter was depressed last summer and was put on medication. What kind of medication were you taking? Is it something that you should be weaning yourself off of slowly?
Shash said…
We've been going through all of our groceries, each and every ingredient. It's amazing how many sugars are hidden in our products.

We have a few people in our church going on a sugar fast and some on a sugar and grain fast. I think it would help you out big time too!

I have a couple great books you should find (check the library to save some $$):
Body by God
& Cruise Ship or Nursing Home (not found in stores, it was at my Chiropractor's office)
Cherie said…
Unfortunately sometimes anxiety and depression go hand-in-hand. I don't recommend going off meds, and if you have only missed a couple days, start up again right away. Any depression meds you may be taking take about 2 weeks to really take effect, and if you really need these right not to be getting through some tough times, you don't want to wait that 2 weeks all over again. I've suffered depression many times over the years. I am on meds right now. There is no shame in taking meds to help you through. If you had allergies, you would take meds. If you had a heart condition, you would take meds. All are medical conditions, including depression that need to be medicated from time to time. You certainly don't want it to get worse by not treating it right now, because it can really flatten you!

Feel free to contact me if you want more info, I am happy to share with you.

Shash said…
k, I wasn't done typing.... don't know why I pushed Publish...

So anyway... this sugar / grain fast last a few days and it restarts your system. It's not just about weight loss with this one. It boosts your immune system among other things. It's does for your body what car chargers do to a car battery or what paddles do to a heart that's stopped.

It means cutting out all fast food, packaged and prepared foods for the week. All pastas, breads, potatoes and other carbs that turn to sugar for that week.

Here's a site I found for a No Grain diet. It even gives you a sample diet plan and recommends certain foods.

Start reading the ingredient lists, look for all words that end in "OSE", Maltodextrin (or dextrin), high fructose corn syrup, etc.

If a product says "Fat Free" the chances are that it is filled with more chemicals than anything natural! Better is the full fat than the 0% stuff.
Anonymous said…
Depending on the meds and how long you've been taking them, you should *not* quit cold turkey. Some meds make you sleepy and others give you insomnia and if you quit too quickly you can have a rebound effect. Please speak to your doc to figure out what's best for you. Meds may or may not help you - they helped me for a period of about three months and then i felt it was time to go off of them. There are many natural remedies including st john's wort, diet and exercise and of course psychotherapy can be beneficial depending on what the underlying issue is. Caffeine can exaggerate anxiety so be sure to cut way back on caffeine if not eliminate it. And not getting enough sleep can exaggerate anxiety so if necessary, talk to your doc about sleeping pills to help you through a rough spot. I hope some of these tips help you - these are difficult issues and i hope you can get some relief soon.
cheryl said…
I am going to tell you straight up that the meds you are taking can mask things but have really bad side effects like suicide.
anxiety is manageable with out
have you tried a naturopath or counseling What is causing the anxiety and the depression, I have personal experience in my family life i can call you instead of writing it here just to be more personal
Anonymous said…
Hey, I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I can relate. I recently blogged on my depression and you can read the post here. I hope it helps. (The 'something else' is Crohn's disease, btw - turns out chronic disease and depression often go hand in hand.)

I echo what others have said about coming off the meds. You have to be weaned off some of them, or your body will react adversely to stopping suddenly. (I tried that once and was a wreck again within a week or two. Went back on them and was fine again. I highly recommend medical advice for stopping them!)

One of my doctors recommended to me as a good resource for finding out more about my medical condition and I know they have a wide variety of conditions covered. Also, the UK heath service's website is really good. Check it out here: I'm sure you'd be able to read about depression, anxiety and stress there.

Personally, I have felt very anxious as a result of depression, but I don't think it was clinical anxiety. I'm not sure what your anxiety situation is, but maybe it's part and parcel of your depression? Just a thought.

In terms of stress management, I find lists are helpful - it's so satisfying crossing things off! :) I think it's also very important to have realistic expectations of ourselves. Just remind yourself that you are a human being, not a human doing. Make a realistic list for the day (including your stress-relief activity), and take things one at a time. (I find if I think about all of the things, rather than just tackling one, I just panic and it all goes to pot!)

And finally, one of the things that helps me the most is God. I pour out my stress, depression, anxiety and worries to him and ask him to carry the weight. And he has provided such comfort and love to me. Peace in depression was harder for me to get to, but he got me there.

Much love to you xxx
Reg said…
Hi Lise,

I'm with Cheryl, and mylifebyfaith, and Sasha on diet. It is huge how much sugar we eat without even knowing it. Its poison to our bodies in those quantities, so is MSG. As for the meds,they are not the answer. Train your brain!! Thats the answer. One step at a time. But you need to feed it right to start with, diet and exercise is big. I'm sorry but meds are only for the extreme conditions, the rest is a lie. Sure they can work for a time, but the body figures it out, they you better pray they have the new improved and more powerful pill ready for you, so on and so forth. Billion dollar industry! The Lord has given you the tools all you need to do is educate youself and apply what you have learn. Change is hard, the meds are easy. Thats the catch, hook, line and sinker. That's my opinion, you asked, I have a right to it and so do you. Lots of love and God bless. "Praise the Lord ten times."

PS. A book on the brain: The Edge Effect by Dr. Braverman. I think I spelled that wrong. Everything we need the Lord has provided.

Anonymous said…
Hey, I should have said yesterday, that I also heard that anti-depressants and counselling work better together than either do on their own.

Remember the book I recommended in my depression blog post? I follow the author's blog and read this today. Thought perhaps you'd find it helpful.

Praying for you! xxx
Lala's world said…
wow thank you all for your comments and advice and support!
Support definitely helps!

So I started taking the meds again... I haven't been on them long enough ( I don't think ) for that to be a major problem but I have read not to stop suddenly.

I am learning that meds have their time and place and I have to admit that I felt like Reg did BEFORE I came to the place that I did, I think that is why I struggled so much with taking them and even talking openly about it as I had judged people who took meds. Being where I am and who I am, I don't feel that way anymore!

thanks again and welcome to all the new visitors to my blog :)
Lala's world said…
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Shash said…
I was grocery shopping with Li tonight, we read every single ingredient list before putting it in the basket.

I was going to take a picture and blog about it...

Two cans of corn:

1 no name brand can - ingredients included salt of course but also SUGAR

1 Green Giant can - salt yah but no sugar

Those zoodles noodle things... sugar!

When "they" said to shop the perimeter of the store... now I really know why (minus the breads)

Don't get me started on the chemicals and the pesticides!!! wowzers, makes you want to buy a farm and eat off the land for the rest of your life!

Have you cut caffeine out yet?
Lala's world said…
I only had 1 cup today...and it only had 1 shot of espresso...normally I have a very large mug of coffee with 4 shots of espresso everyday,,,we have yummy espresso where I work :)
Reg said…
Hi again Lise,

I can't speak for you Lise, meds wise. I know me better than I know you. Meds may be fine for now, just saying don't get to comfortable with them. The quick fix is the trap, your smarter than that. Us them wisely to help you focus on your training your brain and feeding your soul. That is the road to recovery! YOUR NOT THERE YET. That's my point and it sounds like you know that. Meds have there place, the problem is people abuse this gift the Lord has provided. The Lord own everything. Problem is we abuse what he has given. That all I'm saying. The goal is not to take you meds like a good little girl, end of story. The goal is to equip yourself to live without them. The Lord in his infinite mercy has provided the meds, doctors, etc. to help us. Not to enslave us. Unless you are diagnosed with a medical condition, chemical imbalance caused by a non-imotional issue, you need to focus on getting off them when you are ready. Not just because you have a good week. God helps those who help themselves. And stop beating yourself up for heavens sake. Love yourself like god loves you. Unconditional! That's big if you focus on just what that means. List are good if you don't use them to abuse yourself. Plus this 30 loads of laundry thing is crazy. That has got to stop. I want you to make a list of the kids weekly choirs so I can look it over when I come to visit and minister to you and yours. :-)
Cheryl said…
by the way I got the book about nursing home or cruise ship and i have tried recipes in the book too I have lost 20 + lbs
I am sure if you wanted to find a chiro that is a part of the maximized living model too in your area

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