falling into place

I think things....things being my life! might be finally falling into place.

We have an accepted offer on our house....this is amazing! so quick that it took us by surprise! it was listed on our Realtors website Wednesday we had our first showing on Saturday and these people made us an offer on Sunday morning and by 6 pm Sunday night we had an accepted offer that basically surpassed what we had started to believe we would ever get from our house. We had only ever had 1 offer last year and none the previous year and the offer last year was for 100k less than we were asking! So this felt great...now we anxiously await the buyers removing their subjects! The other great thing is the timing...our tenants are moving out this week and the buyers want possession by mid March..this means we do not have to cover 2 mortgages for very long at all, something that we had been preparing ourselves for.

Finally....what a relief.....we can move on!

today is day 13 of being on the anti-depressants and besides an almost constant dizziness.... in fact I actually passed out the other night! I got up way too quickly for the dizzy factor and with the dizziness comes some nauseous moments that are not so nice. Besides this I am feeling good but the dizziness is overpowering any other feeling so I am not sure if that means it is to strong for me? I will find out tomorrow cuz I see my family Dr about how I am doing.

Edited to Add : I went to the Dr's today...seems I have vertigo again.. I had this 2 years ago up North for 3 months!! hopefully it doesn't last that long again..it's brutal specially when I lay down and makes me sooooo nauseous!! but the good part is it has nothing to do with my meds!

update on J: after the most brutal couple of months of not doing well and what seemed like a speedy digression....the first couple of weeks in Feb he did amazing.... in fact there was several days where J felt little to NO numbness....this has never happened in the 3 years since his diagnoses. This last couple of days he has been feeling a little more tired...allergy season certainly doesn't help!... and he goes again tomorrow and Thursday for treatments and that usually gives him a boost. The steroids while having potential long term side effects are certainly working at keeping him in a decent present state.


Reg said…
Hi Lise,

Don't count your chickens before they hatch. I hope it all works out for the best but you just seem to be setting yourself up for a big disappointment if things go south. The object is to reach a point where you don't need the meds, not the other way around. Just saying. Hope is good, but the call to "start your engines" has not come over the loud speakers yet. One day at a time! Lords will, not yours alone. Cheers.
Reg said…
PS Glad to hear that J has been doing a lot better.
Reg said…
Vertigo! That's rough! Praying for you Lise.regcanafornia
Dawn said…
Now that's a bunch of good sounding news - except for the dizziness! Hope that clears up soon.

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