600th post

This is my 600th post! wow! I could hardly believe it when I logged on today.

Looking back at when I first was introduced to blogs and learning what a blog even was! I have to wonder at the metamorphism my blog has become.

From silly and I have to admit bored rantings of a stay at home mom, to documenting our adventure of selling our house and moving 900 kms North, then the whining of a stay at home mom with a husband working out of town, to the surprise and devastation of J's diagnosis, to the turmoil of having to go back to work, to the yo-yo of whether to leave our dream house up North or not, to dealing with 5 kids by myself (my 4 plus 1 exchange student), to moving back down here and saying goodbye to the Northern dream, to re-adjusting to "city" life, to being land-lords and moving again, to finally ALMOST being released from the dream house, to documenting the ups and down of living with J's chronic disease, to the highs and lows of being a working mom, to the joys and sorrows of being a parent and everything else in between........ this blog is basically my on-line journal....that I happen to share publicly and in doing so have had to deal with fall outs with individuals, crap comments, and negativity.....BUT it also has led me to some amazing people, a real sense of support, a great form of therapy, and a record for my beautiful most prized accomplishments....my girls!

I may not be the best writer or the the most consistent! I may not "follow" enough blogs to create more "followers" on my own blog. I may say whatever is on my mind come what may. I may get frustrated when people don't get what I am trying to say. I may not be witty or funny. I may get boring. I may inspire someone from reading my journey. I may leave a great journal for my daughters. I may tick some people off. I may offend. I may bring a smile to a friend or stranger. I may bring a laugh. I may do a lot of things and that's what I love so much about blogging!


Cheri said…
600...wow. I'm not even 1/4 of the way there yet.

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