3rd times a charm

We are about to embark on listing our house up North ..... AGAIN ..... this will be our 3rd Spring trying to sell our house. This was my dream house. Walk in closet, soaker jet tub, gas stove top, wall oven, river stone fireplace times 2, big, beautiful and on an amazing acreage. We have/had amazing neighbors who became great friends...my dad built a dream playhouse for the girls.....I loved sitting on my wrap around screened porch listening to the many birds and wind gently rustling thru the trees. It was a beautiful home. We were really happy there.

So many times now I have had to say "goodbye" to this home and the lifestyle that came with it. So many times I have mentally prepared myself that we are not moving back there. So many times I have had to listen to the girls beg to move back. So many times we have revisited the topic of should we or shouldn't we move back. Every time it brings back a flood of emotions for all of us.

We had thought our current tenants were going to buy our house but after that fell through we were surprised when they said they were moving out this month...not April like previously planned....but now that is neither here nor there and it is what is and we are left with 2 mortgages and trying again to sell.

This all contributes to my stress levels to put it mildly. The fact is that we are not moving back. Our biggest bottom line is our oldest daughter who is in grade 10 and we just cannot and will not move her again. She is doing really well here, she has amazing friends and college dreams...not going to mess with any of that by moving her away at this point in her high school career. Every time I think about having to go thru this again and play the selling game my heart rate goes up which frustrates me cuz it is SO out of my hands! There is really nothing more we can do to make our house sell faster!! We are starting out lower again this year..price wise... and hoping for a quick quick sale!

Hopefully the 3rd time will be the charm!


Henri said…
Send me the mls listing number. :)

henri @ no-spam .com

(Replace "no-spam" with my last name. Straf......)
Reg said…
Say "Praise the Lord, no worries!" Ten times. If that does not work call me and I will think of something else. :-)
Shash said…
I can help with some social media marketing of the place... :-)

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