weird week please be over!!

Last week was a weird week!! It's kind of like every day this month has been a full moon!

From an emerg appointment with J's Neurologist to Faith loosing a filling and having an emerg dental specialist appt and learning they WON'T do it in the regular chair...we have to rent a space in the Hospital none of which is covered by BC medical and we have to pay about $700 for.....yes I obviously realize my daughter is more important than $700 but when you don't have the $700 just lying around it's a TAD stressful!

I had to have some awkward conversations at work and then on Friday had a potential supplier get all emotional on me when I told her we were not going to use her products.... for those of you who don't me I was and always am extremely gracious! in fact some of my staff tease me that I would buy anything from anyone if they are nice to me....and this lady was loosing it...but I won't go into details but it was shocking! SHOCKING!! I have only ever had 1 other potential..or wannabe supplier get upset at me...that was a man that made me feel like I had to cover my chest...creepy! and when I told him I didn't want to carry any more of that type of oil he told me he was going to call my Father.... I was like sure go ahead no problem and walked away...normally when a supplier wants to be MY supplier they kiss my a$$!!

Then I woke up Sat morning feeling like I got hit by a truck...ugh and with the exception of making an appearance at a friends birthday party Sat night have been laid up on the couch...the worse part is the tightness in my chest..feels like I have been bear hugged and am now bruised..then on top of that I have had brutal chest pain/heartburn.... wonder how much of this is related to last week?? um stress much?!

oh and just in case you are wondering about J's appt... it was good, he is going back on the steroids, the less of all the evil steroids! they are going to continue another 6 months of the IVIG treatments. She could hear the respiratory issues that had us worried and are sending him to a respiratory specialist to rule out any other factors before she starts treating him even more aggressively for the CIDP. We did learn that CIDP can affect the internal organs as that basically wherever there are nerves CIDP can present. So we wait to see that specialist and meanwhile continue with being more pro-active with his health and take the steroids. She was not happy that the best he has been in 3 years is 70% of his former self. He relented about taking the steroids he really has not wanted to be on them since they have or can have such negative long term side effects.

Hopefully this week will not be so weird!


Shash said…
GO TO THE DOCTOR'S! Get checked out, if your chest is still tight, rule out phenomena!
Reg said…
I with Shash, anyone can get phenomena don't kid yourself. It sneaks up on you and next thing you very sick for weeks..... Stress weakens the imune system, so does sugar....
Anonymous said…
I think it must be a full moon every night for the past month - people are going NUTS!!! Crazy is in!!!
Patti said…
Thinking of you guys! It was so nice to chat with you - even if by msngr - last night.

We should get together soon.
Cheri said…

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