today I stand

measured in time

16 years ago my life was forever changed with the arrival of one little girl.
11 years ago 4 years of pain, (5 lost babies) were eased by the arrival of another little girl.
10 years ago this April our life was blessed by the arrival of another precious little girl.
9 years ago we said goodbye to our last angel who is with the other 5 waiting for us in Eternity.
8 years ago this May we held our breath and our hope tightly wound around us waiting for our last miracle little girl to arrive safely.
3 years ago this month my husband and best friend was diagnosed with CIDP.

Along the way there have been many bumps and bruises, many tears and much laughter.

Today where I stand is a much different place where I stood before.

Today I remember my best friend who lost her little boy before his time.

Today as I read my friends blog I was encouraged by her strength and awed by her eloquence as she shared from her heart the struggles and strides they have gone through in their journey. Openness like that can heal. There is healing in being open, there is healing in drawing from anothers journey.

Today as I think about what has happened in Haiti I cry with the little experience I have at losing someone you love. They say it will take 10 years at least to rebuild. The loss is unimaginable. I pray that those who have lost a loved one will find peace. That one day they will stand, although in a place they didn't think they could, they still stand.


Shash said…
I'm trying to read through the tears, that was beautifully written. I love you La La, I wished I could have taken that pain away from you while you were in the midst of it all. <3

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