she's growing up way way way too fast! part 2

so to continue where I left off last time!! ...... I had said that we had found a good youth group for her to go to..this was a pretty big decision for us..well the WHERE we let her go was huge! Both J and I have grown up in church, both attended private Christian schools although I left half way through grade 10 and went to public school... he graduated from a private Christian school....both of us have Christian families and had a very Christian up bringing... so it's safe to say it's a big part of our lives. We were not comfortable just finding a local youth group and then sending her off every week and not at least attempting to attend the church and try to get to know the leaders she would be influenced by.

I don't think it is a fear decision...even though I have to say that the youth group I went to had it's good points and bad points, we all went to school together, went to church together and then went to youth together...a very small group of sheltered kids with each other almost 7 days a week makes for an even more small sheltered group! but I think that is another post for another day.

There are a lot of independent youth organizations in the area and we have sent her to one of their camps and it was really good. For us though since our kids do not go to private Christian school and don't have a large circle of Christian friends...which is totally fine with us just in case you were wondering :) ..... we feel it is important for her to be plugged into a youth group. So after looking on line and doing phone interviews with the youth pastors...yes that is how serious we feel about this!... we felt we had found one. She really enjoyed it and so did her friend and now there is another friend who wants to go....they even have a group for my 11 year old which meets at least once a month! So we are really happy about that! The girls really like the Sunday service as well. It is a little more conservative than what we are used to but the people are nice and friendly and the most important is that the girls like it! ~ we still attend a church about an hour away Sunday nights were J and I get what we need and it is NOT conservative, not that conservative is bad though!!! ~

anyways all that to say we take her and all the girls going to youth very least seriously enough to not just send her anywhere and to make the choice to go to another church
that has a good youth program.

The thought that she only has 2 1/2 years left at high school and then off she goes to college.....YIKES!! we only have such a short time with her. Just a short time to continue to help her make good choices. There are some things that I am not sure how we should handle and things that I know she may have to learn the hard way. That is hard very hard. So for all these reasons we know we cannot move her away and have made again that final decision in our heads and hearts that we are here for now and most likely forever!

Today I sat beside her in church and looked over and wondered at what a young woman she is, how beautiful she is .... she really is growing up way way way too fast!!


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