Resolutions of sorts

I don't think I have ever been really big on making let alone keeping any New Years Resolutions, this year I figured that the motivation wasn't happening on it's own so I might as well!

my resolutions:

LOSE weight....ideally 30 pounds but I certainly want to tone and not gain any more and working in a bakery/cheese market...this is NO easy task!

EAT healthier..... the eczema is getting worse and worse, I have a scheduled appt on the 20th with an allergist, I have to get the results of the celiac test but I am pretty sure that I am gluten sensitive.. I am tired of having certain issues that comes with eating the wrong foods. I also want my girls to eat healthier, I think with both J and I have food intolerance's they must have some...some I know which is Hail but hers is corn and most of the gluten free products I have found are FULL of corn!! so frustrating but it goes to show that cooking from scratch is probably the best answer. My issue is having the time to cook....which leads me to my next resolution!

MORE home time, my modo this year at work and at home is to work smarter not harder! I need to make that time to be there more for my girls and not to give them the cranky pants left overs. I am taking steps at work to make sure this happens! and trying to be more organized at home as well.

FRIENDS....another area in my life that has been neglected due to so many reasons... work, J's health... I have been feeling lonely for friends, wanting to have more laughs and letting people close again.

RELAX.... more relaxing time with J and the girls! making our time count! I know that kind of goes with more time but more quality time! more family nights, and more just relaxing together! I think it is an attitude change more than anything. I also want to spend more time doing things that I love, like painting and it's time to find my sewing machine and start making stuff.... I miss being creative! I need that outlet!

update on J : I can't believe it has been 3 years since he was first diagnosed with CIDP! I think it is pretty safe to say that the best he came of returning to "normal" in the last 3 years was about 70%. He seems to not being doing very well right now, it's so up and down and that is so frustrating. There doesn't seem to be any end in sight. We go see his Neurologist again on Wednesday, it seems the treatments of IVIG didn't work last month and the numbness is spreading and now he is running out of breath frequently. Not like he is gasping but I can hear him breathing harder and after simply walking from 1 room to the next he gets winded. It's hard not to freak out but I am trying to stay in that place.... that quiet still place..... and wait out the storm!


Shashi said…
This is regarding the food: I just watched "Food Inc." we plan to drastically change where and who we buy our food from.

This documentary is wonderfull, it's not saying that we should not eat meat, but that we look at the legal policies and standards that these companies are held too as well as the politics that are giving these compaines free reign to administer their own standards.

People have a right to know what is in the food they are eating.

We need to keep in mind that for every new advance in science there is an after effect, and in this age of technology we have alot of things to consider... for instance raising cattle on food that is not natural to them is now creating diseases that have never existed before.

We need to reevaluate what is more important to us, the health of our families and the land we live on, or the cheapest hamburger.

Most of the factory farms use corn to feed the animals, that's not a normal feed for them. It's not what they were created to eat. Corn creates Ecoli in the stomach of a cow, it is resistant to the acid in the stomach. Chickens from the supermarket are covered in pesticides, ammonia and fed antibiotics up the wazoo. A chicken nowadays grows full term in 49 days verses the olden days of 3-4 months before slaughter. The bones are fragile and they're sick. Have you noticed, like me, that those cheap roasting chicken do not make a good soup anymore!! They're so genetically modified!
Anonymous said…
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