It's almost here...let the panic craziness and meyheim begin!!

Just thinking about starting to Christmas shop and I can feel my blood pressure rising! crazy! I think it is getting worse and worse and with working the crazy insane hours I am...yeah it's not helping! J told me tonight that I may not be physically at the shop 7 days a week but I am there in mind and spirit 7 days/week... I need to work on that! soon! this is the busiest time of year for our kind of store and I can't say we don't need it! so in one breath I am saying bring it on and with the other I am saying oh I just need a little time to get caught up! deep sigh!

I watched this video on Sunday go watch it then come back!!

totally moving right?!

I want that, although sometimes I am wondering if I want it more because of where we are financially and it means less prep....ok less SHOPPING and standing in lines and less spending? or because the core of the message really speaks to me....... I hope it is the latter!

So this season there are many things I want to change

my weight....oops had to slip this one in there...seriously have to do something before I hit the next dress size and I feel it coming! stress = massive weight gain for me = stress that I am gaining and yeah on and on it goes!

my time.... more with family and friends

my to spend more time giving out of my heart instead of with my left overs

remembering .... what this Season is all about and the Spirit that is behind it all!!

Happy Holidays!


Shash said…
our Chiropractor came to the church last night and did a teaching on, "How to survive Christmas". He talked about staying away from the stress of shopping, exercising, eating the right foods, staying away from the bad foods, adding the right vitamin supplements, proper time management, etc. It was really good. He's coming back in January and February to do more seminars on better living.

Of course none of it wasn't stuff that Mom didn't drill into us all our lives... but it gave me good moments to say to Dave... I told you so!! lol :-)

But what astounded me... in 2006, 70% of Americans spent 105% of their gross income, BEFORE TAX MONEY! With those stats... no wonder the economy went into the toilet!! Did you know that when you put something on a credit card, you end up paying 112% more for that item once you're done paying for it (if the minimum amount is applied monthly).

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