living in the eye

Last weekend I went away to a Ladies Retreat, I sooooooooooo needed this! needed to get away, give myself some time! it is something I think us moms don't do very often and it is so important to take time for yourself! I needed to take the time to reflect and I knew it was time to reprioritize some things in my life.

I have felt for a long time that I have been caught in a storm. With one thing after another coming crashing down on me. It has seemed totally ridiculous at times the things that have happened to us. I have felt so much of my life had been spiralling out of control.

The Friday night I had a dream. I dreamt that I was at this building, it almost looked like a barn, and my family was there and other people and the air was heavy thick and warm like it is before a storm. There was an incredible sense of peace and calm, like almost being in slow motion. I stood outside the building and looked around and outside the circle where we were all standing and playing I saw the walls of a tornado all around us. I looked up and there were birds trapped by the storm looking like they were suspended by string flapping their wings but not moving anywhere. I realized that I was standing in the eye of the storm and knew what was around me and knew it had to move on right through us before it would go away and yet I couldn't shake the unbelievable peace that had flooded me. I told my family in a calm way, I guess we should think about going inside, not even sure the building would hold for the storm to pass through but again the peace that I felt was complete by that I mean there was no room for any other feeling or emotion other than the peace and calm that I was feeling.

I woke up in the morning and was like hmmm that was interesting and then kind of forgot about it. That night the speaker starting talking about living in peace and then said, the kind of calm and peace that is in the eye of the storm......and I knew just totally knew that the dream was a message to me to live in that place of peace, that indeed my life is surrounded by a storm right now but I need to focus on living in the calm and peace and not to worry and panic about what is going on around me!

Living in the eye is the best place to be!


Reg said…
Thanks for that Lise. That's a good way to look at this life and a good way to live. Or at least try too. Jesus is the peace you find in the midst of the storm. He is your strength. Your center, "the eye of the storm." Its nice not to have storms, and the Lord says he will give us seasons of peace. But there is no need to live in fear of the "storms" either. That is no way to live. "Fear" is the enemy and all that goes with it. The Lord bless and keep you and yours always..

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