another letter to my girls Nov 09

to my dearest girls

today someone asked me if I am where I wanted to be in life, if I am where I imagined I would be when I was a little girl. the answer is simply, yes and no. ok so it's not so simple!

as a little girl I had many dreams as I know you do know. I dreamed of traveling the world, something I still hope to do and am so thankful for the places I have been! I dreamed of being a missionary and raising my own children in amongst whatever country I happened to be in, something I have done and can still happen to a degree. I dreamed of being married to a tall dark handsome man, achieved! I dreamed of being a mom, four times blessed! There have been a lot of bumps in the road. Lots of directions that were not my choice and some that were. and here I am today, a mom of 4 married to a tall dark handsome man who has traveled the world and I am only 35!

many things come at you on this journey that you don't dream of, the loss of wanted babies, a sickness that claims your husbands health. Things that you have to drudge through and make conscious choice after choice to endure with grace and know the ultimate goal before you. among those times are wonderful memories that help to carry you through.

What I want you to always remember is to not be afraid to dream. To never lose that innocence you have right now, that the skies the limit! To dream big. To hope for great things! no matter what happens in life, no matter what is thrown at you don't let go of those things that make you smile on in the inside. Remember the dreams that you have right now and hold on to them.

Dream BIG! dream often!


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