Seasons and Dreams

So apparently I don't have much time for blogging these days, nor reading other blogs. I think it is a good sign of the season I am in in my life right now.....busy! mostly with work. There has to be a balance in there and I think a lot of it has to do with just what it takes setting up a new business. My family misses me and I miss them. Right now we are at my in-laws cabin for Thanksgiving weekend. I am so grateful for this place to come to and get away from it all! The scenery is amazing and the brisk fresh air is so what we needed right now! J is off hunting....yes take him close to any sort of forest and off he goes! it makes him happy and so I am glad for that, as for killing innocent animals....not so happy about that! will I still eat them? yes but I still get really sad about it all....sorry bunny trail there!

Thinking of my life in Seasons and looking back over the last couple of years I am ready for a new Season! I am looking forward to some dreams that I have had my entire life become reality! While other dreams I have had we have had to let go, there are some dreams that I think are more of who we are, what drives us, those kind of dreams I don't think you are ever meant to "let go". I think those are the dreams that anchor us, that give us hope in the dry Season. Those dreams are apart of our DNA they help to breath life into our soul.

Sometimes when I get busy just being busy with my life and I get overwhelmed with the enormity of the Season I am in I forget how important those dreams are. I almost don't want to look at those dreams. Afraid they will never be. I try to forget how ingrained those dreams are in me so it won't hurt so much if they stay a dream and don't become my reality.

This Season I am in I am wanting to learn a healthy balance of being where I am, doing what I am supposed to be doing and bringing those dreams more forward in my life. Maybe a Season of balance and seeing life in my dreams is my next Season! I certainly hope so!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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