I survived

We had our official grand opening on the weekend and I can hardly express how glad I am that I am on the other side of it! not that it was horrible b/c it totally wasn't but I feel like everything I have done for the past several months was all leading up to that day. I found myself all emotional that morning getting ready to do 1 of my 4 public speeches!!!!! so much of me has gone into it all.

It went really well! well besides breaking a table with the first cheese cutting! completely broke the table leg off! like SNAP.... I didn't know rod iron could break like that! then when cutting the final wheel..the big granddaddy of them all....a 230lb wheel of Emmentaler! YUMMY!! the wire broke and you can imagine with all my weight pulling on it, pulling so hard I was shaking, and then it SNAPPED...I went BOOM on my butt in front of a decent crowd of people including our local MLA! a little embarrassing....but I quickly recovered and kept talking..I don't know why but get a mic in my hand and my mouth just starts going! I know thats shocking to those of you who know me!! hehe..... it was a lot of fun. A lot of hard work. A lot of details accomplished and again I am so glad to be officially opened and on this side of it! Glad to have our store have some more publicity and watch our sales go up :)

I feel now like I can relax a little... I say a little b/c I have beer and cheese pairing nights to prepare for this month as well as get my brochures ready for Christmas Gift Baskets and get caught up on some accounting!

now for some randomness cuz I just know you all are soooo wanting to know!!

our house up North didn't sell and we decided to not lease to own it out as the risks are just too high. We have rented it back out and are hoping to have a much better relationship then last time! yikes that was brutal and I never want to repeat it. It has set us back financially but we are hoping to work that out in the immediate future! We are having to majorly just let things go and try not to freak out! that is just putting it the most honest way I can!

my hubby made some major HUGE steaks they are on the BBQ right now and my mouth is watering and after sitting in the dentist chair for 1 1/2 hours I ready to sink my teeth into some yummy goodness! have I mentioned before I hate the dentist? well not personally my dentist but the whole thing in general?!!! yuck! looks like 3 of us need orthodontic work...me included and that my friends is not quite in the oh.my.gosh.we.are.so.in.the.red.budget right now!

I am wheat free and loving it....well loving the absence of a hurting tummy and some other unbloggable side effects! I feel so much better...my pants are getting looser and although it's hard at times and I have to pre-plan what I am going to eat, which for the random fly by the seat of my pants girl that I am is not so easy to do. Reading labels is not something I am used to and I am not so worried about the small traces of wheat I am eating but the obvious no bread no wheat pasta and MAN what a difference! I have even noticed some eczema getting better and I don't think my issue with dairy is such an issue! I think the majority of my health issues were totally wheat related.

I have something to say about church to but this post is getting REALLY long already! What I want to talk about it and am chewing on is the lack of respect I see in churches today! we have become more relaxed lost a lot of our uptight holier than thou attitudes and while I think that is amazing I am not sure that letting our children run wild and disruptive during the service is something we should swallow....but I will save that one for next time :)


Kate said…
good post, on the issue of the church, ..there is a balance in everything...

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