can't fight this feeling

I hear songs. Yup it's a talent! people say something or a mood creeps over me and I hear a song! quirky??.... maybe!!!

Right now I have the song "I can't fight this feeling anymore" ( ok if you actually click that link check out the HAIR!! hehe oh my and we sooooooooooo thought that was sexy!!) anyways it's going thru my head, nothing to do with love just feeling frustrated with the eczema on my totally burns it looks ugly and mean and it hurts! I am frustrated that my body won't let me hide what I am feeling.

I have never been a good liar nor able to hide my feelings via expressions on my face and when I am stressing about something my body wants to scream it to the world.


so here is what am I stressed about and a few of my corresponding songs

work - working 9 to 5
J's health - I will remember you
2 mortgages - gold digger
work - shout
my 15 year old and J's relationship - the call
J's health -
Christmas...yup always a stress cuz there is so much to do and not much to do it with! - baby it's cold outside...ok nothing to do with my feelings just my fav Christmas song...well one of them!
2 mortgages
J's health

I think you get the picture. My face/skin/eyes all tell a not so pretty picture!!!


raino said…
happy feeling ahead for you i hope!
Natalie Forchuk said…
oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who had "theme" songs for things in their lives. Good to know I'm not alone, or crazy, or that I at least have someone to be crazy with.... :)

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