Last night we held our first Private party at the shop. It went really well and was a huge learning curve for us. I didn't sleep to much going into it and was a little bit, well ok, A LOT nervous about it. Not sure what it was going to look like? how would 75 people fit in the store? how much food do I prepare? it was all freaking me out! I felt like a wind up toy.

The people fit. We made WAY too much food. I had too much staff on. All learning experiences but things that you just don't know till it's time.....and I learned that we should put out very little blue cheese :)

It's been such a learning curve for me. The staffing issues, dealing with the other managers, working with the sister-company relationships, pressures, demands, administration set ups..............all of it a challenge at times and all rewarding in their own ways.

I had NO idea that creating a "cheese" or "antipasto" platter could be so rewarding? I have always enjoyed planning parties, mine being no exception as my parents love to remind me how I had my birthday planned at least 6 months in advance. In fact I remember at my birthday parties thinking about how something would work better or a different idea would be better for the next year. So I think it's safe to say that planning is a part of my make up! It's just in me. Not having done this type of thing before I found extremely challenging and then as myself and one of my staff were putting the trays together we were like " ok wow they look great if we do say so ourselves" who knew putting the platters together was so fun and so fulfilling. It reminded me of how I feel at Christmas, the planning on what to buy the girls, going and finding the perfect gifts, wrapping them anticipating their faces when they opened them. It was the same feeling, all the planning and prep and then putting it all together and wondering what their reaction is going to be when they walk in the doors and see all the beautiful food laid out before them. It was totally rewarding.

For the first time in my adult life, I have found my niche. Have I mentioned I love my job yet?!


Cheri said…
I love cheese...but not blue cheese. Glad to hear it went well and that you love your job.

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