When you have been blessed, well you just know it! This is a picture of the view from our street looking down to the beach which is a 2 min walk and our pool. It is amazing and still feels slightly surreal. We are still putting things away and I think it is going to take awhile before it really feels like home and we are settled. We have had to majorly downsize as our rental house was close to 4000 sq ft and our home up North was over 3500 sq ft. This place is 2200 and we love that the girls all have their own bedrooms and we have a view of Mt Baker and the Ocean! it's pretty amazing,.....have I mentioned that yet? :) It is a rancher and for J that is perfect as stairs are really difficult for him and the pool is so perfect as swimming is the only exercise he is allowed to do. We are not used to have a small "living" space and so we are adjusting to being on top of each other. I love that a smaller place is easier to clean! that is so great! I have been working so many Saturdays that I still haven't put all my clothes away and I hate that. I have been working so much that I am just plain and simple rarely home.
It's all an adjustment. We have had to do so many adjustments in such a short time period. The girls are in a new school again. They actually seem to be really happy and making friends. Sometimes you don't know how they are really adapting and dealing with things, I wonder at the stress of it all as they seem to be at each other way more these days, either that or the smaller living space makes it so I hear it more. There does seem to be a general sense of crankiness that is completely emotionally draining. I am not sure how much of it is b/c I am working so much, the move - again!, a new school but it is probably a little of it all.
I have been extra cranky these days mostly due to just not feeling well all the time. My tummy hurts and I won't go into all the details, you're welcome, so I finally went to the Dr and he had me tested for Celiac Disease. So while I am waiting for the test results I am completely off wheat. I have to say that yesterday being a wheat free day, my tummy didn't hurt so much. My cousin has Celiac and if she even has a crumb of bread she is violently ill! It would explain a lot as I do have a lot of the symptoms and I just want to feel normal! all the stress we have been under I am sure does not help! This all could mean a major adjustment in our way of eating.
ok well the girls are headed into the pool and I would like to get a little unpacking done before I go to work!


Shashi said…
A friend of mine has that, it alters her diet but it's easy she says. Even when we go out, most restaurants are good and have gluten free options. At least out here. It's not the breads and pastas that will be difficult, it's the wheat, rye, barley in every day products that we don't think of what's inside. Simple things like bullion cubes, soy sauce, french fries and seasoned tortilla chips that you'll have to stay away from. Time to start reading labels.

I'd love to come swim in your pool!! Are you keeping it heated through the fall? My hubby will be out there in a week, he'll go for a dip on my behalf.
Cheri said…
The view looks amazing...I'm envious. :-)

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