2 words

2 words for you after a long period of absence.


but so happy to be moved, so happy to be moving forward, so happy to be in our own home

trying hard

to not stress that our house up North has still not sold and that J seems to have relapsed a bit

enjoying immensely

my job, never loved it so much! my pool....yes our new home has an in ground pool/hot tub...fabulous!

never again

want to live in a house full of boxes, in a mental state of prolonged transition

funny story

had an elderly gentleman come into the Bakery and actually COMPLAIN about the fresh bread. he insisted that day old bread was much better and then proceeded to grab a fresh loaf of bread break it in half and then say "see" like we could actually "see" that fresh bread cannot possibly be better than day old bread!

new beginnings

registering the little girls in yet another new school, kind of feel guilty as Em does NOT want to switch but the new school is in walking distance and I hate to say it but I need that! also H refused to go back to the other school and there was no way I was going to subject her to the grumpy teacher she most likely would have had to have. Em is so easy going that I know she will adapt and make friends quickly, we also have a lot of friends who have their kids at the school so I am sure it will be great for all 3 of them. We are keeping M at her high school that would be way to hard for her and so we are leaving her where she is

to come

pics of the new place and the before and after pics....we moved in as a pretty big reno was being wrapped up.


Nadine said…
It is good to have a home of your own. I totally understand about the boxes. Still living that way since we are in a small apartment. I'm so very, very happy that you have a home. The pool is a bonus - enjoy every minute of it. Cute story about the old man.

Be blessed and may J have complete healing.
Dawn said…
Good one. I like it a lot - this post.
Shash said…
Did he pay for the bread??? Soooo strange!!

Glad to hear you're enjoying the new place. I know what you mean about new schools for the girls but they will adjust well. Just think of all those army brats and what they have to endure throughout their lives.

A girl at our church, who went to Africa with me and then on our vacation last year... was in 12 schools by the time she was in high school. Tell the girls that - it could be a lot worse. :-)

LOVE YA!!!!!
Lala's world said…
Em told me last night that she is really excited! she decided that she doesn't have a choice and so she changed her attitude, I was so proud of her what a great life lesson!

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