lovin where I grew up

yesterday we took the 3 little girls to Shannon Falls, located on the Sea to Sky Hwy right before Squamish, on the way to Whistler. Anyways we went there quite a lot when I was a kid. I love going to the North Shore, being where I grew up, I get all these feelings come over me when we see the tall trees, all the green and the density of the forests. We used to play for hours outside as kids, like hours! there was no talking back to my mom when she said "go outside".... we were out there all the time rain snow and sunshine and where we lived there was a lot of rain! we played cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, we made all sorts of "house" type games, we played little house on the prairie, explorers and more. I love seeing all the ferns and remembering how we would designate our "bed" in our outdoor make-believe house with the ferns....we used our imaginations and the forest was our playing field. I remember playing with my cousins, C & D, and my sister closest to me in age. The 4 of us spent pretty much all the time together we could. I have great memories. It is always nice to drive back through the area and get all these flash backs and tell my kids some of the crazy stuff we did as kids....like riding our bikes in the streams under the roads! there were a lot of culverts where we lived!
the girls had so much fun looking for cool rocks, another thing we would do for hours on end. Thinking we had found diamonds or gold! my friend Xangelle and I would find little sandy spots on the sides of the creeks and get lost in our imaginations and be there for hours...covering ourselves in mud/clay...looking for crayfish...trying to catch those water spider things, great memories!

oh I keep forgetting to mention that I broke my toe....well most likely broke the tip of my baby toe, they said no point taking X-rays when there is nothing you can do for it anyways. The nail is definitely going to come off and while it doesn't hurt all the time like it did when I first kicked the shopping cart wheel, cuz I am so smart! it does ache when I am on my feet to much and I still can't put much weight on it. Anyways so stupid!

house update - still waiting...no word from realtor.....lots of response to my add to rent it out but am making them wait in the glimpse of a hope that it is going to sell this week. Our extension with our realtor ends the 15th. I am packing where we live now, the mice are rampant and we can't be here anymore, waiting to hear if we are going to get a new place this week....could be the opportunity of a lifetime. I am sooooooooooooo hoping! Everyday I wake with what feels like a huge weight on my chest I have to keep laying it all down. A work in progress for sure!


Victoria said…
Haha - I break my toes at LEAST 2 times per year..usually the pinky or my second toe. LAST week however, I broke my forth toe(the one next to pinky) ~ made it hard to play volleyball...but otherwise didn't feel much after the first day. And yes, you can not do anything for a broken toe...take it from a clutzy expert.
Shash said…
I love the North Shore too, it's sooooo green and mossy and closed in like a tropical rain forest. I dream about our days there a lot. Skating on the pond behind our house on Milton and D going through the fence on our toboggan... Sliding down the moss-covered under the road tunnels (not sure what they're called) and exploring the mountain side on Grouse. Riding our bikes everywhere and over anything! And playing in the old hollowed stumps at the park across the street from our house on E 11th. It's amazing that that was only 1/3 of my life but it seems the most memorable and fun :-)

I have had two dreams now about Elim...... a place of rest and refreshing and.... rejuvenation!! :-)

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