just dropping in

we are moving! we are getting the house that we had hoped for, all thanks to 2 very special people! we can start moving in next week, have a lot of painting to do!!! and a lot of little projects. It's going to be a tight go for us for awhile but we know that we can make it...with a little budget planning and a lot of budget following.

We are supposed to hear if the people that have been making SLOW offers for the past 2 months is finally close enough for us to accept. It will be nice to move on with our life down here without the weight of that responsibility!.

So I am not sure how much I will be around the next couple of weeks. I have a TON of packing to do, a LOT of painting..... and a family to move! thankfully the house is very close to where we are now...like 5 min so it won't be too much of a major move.

hope you are all having a good summer! I know mine is looking a lot brighter! the emotions of it all is overwhelming!

oh did I mention it has a pool!! and a hot tub!! an in ground one! this is the only exercise J is allowed to do, and it's a rancher, so no stairs and 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms...2200 sq feet....totally perfect for our family's needs and so amazing for J at this time in our life!


Nadine said…
Congratulations on the house. I'm happy for you all. It sounds like a beautiful home. I hope all the work goes smoothly. Enjoy.

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