Enough already

Ever feel like standing on the tallest mountain and screaming "ENOUGH ALREADY".....

that is where I am at

and yet

there is a part of me that is calm
that is walking forward
that sees a glimpse of the future
and remains calm!

the other side of me is screaming
our listing with our agent is over, he is brutal sometimes at returning phone calls.
We went from possibly having a bidding war to zip, notta, nothing
how does that happen?
I think I allowed my hopes to get up

We did have 1 couple finally make an offer about a month ago, almost $100,000 less than what we are asking and about $150,000 less than what the house is valued at! They made an another offer this week, only coming up about $15,000 from their original offer where we have dropped $40,000 from our original listing price. Just want it to sell but not when we have to walk away owing the bank.

So while I believe I have the "faith the size of a mustard seed" and it all looks rather impossible and I am sooooooooooooo tired of feeling like I have a chain on me connected to it. To explain that further, we loved where we lived, we loved the community of it all, it was my dream house/property, my family was UBER happy there. We moved back due to my husband's health and what he can do for work now, we also moved back for the physical support of our family. So we had to lay the dream down. I had to let it all go. To walk away with nothing would be hard enough to walk away and OWE is something I have a hard time swallowing. Not sure what to do. Pretty sure there is nothing I can do. It's completely out of my hands all we can do is either accept the brutal almost insulting offer from the only people out there that wants to pay anything for the place, or rent it out again, which keeps us in limbo and was a LOT of stress on me.

This is why I feel like screaming ENOUGH ALREADY, I just want to be done but I don't want to owe. So today and tomorrow I am standing in the place where I have to really just lay it all down, realize it's out of my control, and believe that my faith even the size of a mustard seed is enough already!


Patti said…
YO! Get a separate party property manager to rent it out, then you won't have the stress of dealing with the crap. Don't do it yourself. I realize that if you do it yourself you save some money, but isn't the lack of stress worth the little that you'd loose each month.

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