almost there

tomorrow we are going in to paint our new place! we have been slowly moving in, so exciting and I have to say moving in slowly and only about 5 min from where you currently live is SO MUCH EASIER! I feel so relaxed! it's great! I still have till the 31st to fully clean out the rental and we have time to go paint, and move in all before that! PERFECT! love it.

I have to say that the pool and hot tub is amazing! I never ever thought we would ever have a place with a pool and a hot tub and I am so loving it already. Mind you I haven't gotten our first hydro bill yet :)

Our house has not sold yet, the people making the offer walked away after telling us that their insurance agent told them NOT to buy a house with a wood foundation. SO unethical! (k this post has a lot of caps and !!! sorry! oops there I go again) But the good news is that I found the Engineers Report stating that our house was built to code and there is NO problems with the foundation. There might be a couple interested in doing a lease to own which for us is the best second best and we have till the 31st with our realtor and hopefully it sells in that time or this lease to own works out.

I feel blessed. There has been so much in our lives that has gone wrong, so very wrong. I know I don't deserve it, a lot worse things happen to people then what I have had to live through. I also know that it is because of my parents being blessed and their faith that we are being blessed! In fact both J and my parents are a huge blessing to us! If it wasn't for them we would have lost everything. There is really nothing out there for "middle" class families who get a chronic illness.

So while I feel totally blessed and kind of reeling from what our new home is like and will be like when the reno is finished...... I would trade it all for complete health and wholeness for J.


Looney Mom™ said…
Congratulations on the new house. It sounds lovely. How cool that you have a swimming pool and hot tub. Ahhhh.

Praying that J will be healthy.

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