we're OPEN!

wow what a first day!
after a very stressful couple of days, total freak out as I had NO idea how to do my prep work (paper work) for the health inspector! thank goodness I am not the only manager! we got our pass after some frantic last minute get the ladders/tools/DUST and reno crap out of the store we passed with flying colors and therefore we opened yesterday.

We had a very soft opening, no advertising, besides my facebook!, and we had been sampling cheese outside the restaurant (right next door and owned by the same families as our bakery/cheese market) for the past 3 weekends.

There were several hiccups with the POS system and it was totally different doing an actual sale then practice ones with people standing there patiently waiting! we did have our first RUDE customer! didn't take long. Everyone was very patient and understanding that it was our first day and we were working out the kinks and totally still learning, with the exception of 1 customer who told us 5 times how inconvenient, totally inconvenient, it was to wait while we figured out the PLU....... seriously she wasn't even standing the counter for 5 minutes and that was cutting/wrapping/weighing/pricing/cashing her out! seriously! she stood there and said "I know it's your first day and you are just learning and I understand but this is really inconvenient, like really inconvenient" awkward pause as I looked at her like "really? really you are actually saying that? those words are actually coming out of your mouth? really?" so I said again you know this POS is really a huge task setting up properly, she cuts me off and says again "yeah yeah I understand but it's really inconvenient, like really inconvenient" then she grabbed her bag in a snatching style turned and walked out...after paying of course. I was like "how rude" and one of my employees who has worked at a deli for a long time said you get used to that, people are just rude. Having said all that that was the only negative experience. We had lots of people saying they would be back, lots of looky lu's, and not bad sales all considering.

well it's almost time to go! this is my 12th day of work in a row, but I slept pretty good last night, sleeping pills are a wonderful thing :)


Shash said…
You could put up a sign, please be patient as we learn the ropes, or something much more whittier than that.

how about "if you're nice we won't spit in your cheese"

again I must say how this big sister is extremely proud of her baby sister for what she's accomplished!!
Shash said…
or you could become the "Cheese Nazi" and say in a cool foreign accent, "No cheese for you" and ban them for life....

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