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so life is sooooooooooooooooooo busy! we did get a chance to go away last weekend, it was so wonderful!
It is such a beautiful place to be and now that we are back on the Coast it is only 3 hours from us...totally doable for a weekend getaway!
the shop is doing well, it's getting busier all the time and we have an add coming out tomorrow and that will help, I am all caught up on some admin stuff and that feels really good to! what a job! so now I can turn my attention to some marketing and more training on the cheese! hmmmmmmmmm cheeeeeese sooooo good!
we have really positive feed back but a few grumpies who DO NOT get that I don't want to put the prices on the signs.....just don't want to! I like the fact that it means an automatic interaction with the customers and they might not even want to try a cheese if they didn't like the price. that being said most of our cheeses are in the medium price point we are not an expensive store but if you want cheap...go to the grocery store and buy some overly processed crap! haha no seriously once you have tried a fresh artisan cheese you will not want food colored quick processed cheddar! just not real cheese anymore! see I am totally becoming a cheese snob already!
I also had a lady make smart remarks today cuz she didn't understand why our cheese is wrapped in plastic's actually a special cheese/meat plastic wrap.... when we tell people the best way to keep your cheese is in wax paper.....we were like well if we had all our cheese wrapped in the brown wax paper in our display cases it would kind of be hard to know what cheese is really which when it would all be covered in said brown waxed DUH.....she just didn't want to let it go, she also wasn't impressed that we don't have our cheese prices listed...cuz it's SO hard to simply ask our friendly staff what the price per 100 gram is?!!! so yeah dealing with the public is fun sometimes! there is just no pleasing some people!
well off to bed, I am SO sick of dreaming about the store....lists of cheese running thru my head and going over the layout of the shop and conversations with different staff.....when will that end?!!


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