summer fun

My 2 oldest girls love to play with my camera, I found the above picture among the 100+ they recently took of each other. I love it! It reminds me of a picture from the 70's, could be a postcard or something, there is something very nostalgic in it for me. I love looking at the photos they take, it's like having a little insight into what they are thinking or a little bit of how they see each themselves. I think it is safe to say that these 2 don't have any self confidence issues!

I wish I could say the same for my youngest. At 7 years old she is over 80lbs. She is a big girl, size 5 shoes (ladies size 5/6) and wears a size 10/12 clothing. She is very tall. She lost about 10lbs when she got her tonsils out but has gained that weight back. I have to say that I was not happy about how much weight she lost, that is too much for a little girl to lose in a week! My hubby told her the other day that she had to watch what she eats, this was after her 3rd snack for the evening, ending it with a Cinnamon bun, and she burst into tears mumbling "you think I am fat". J was very quick to explain that he didn't mean that she was fat but that it is not healthy to eat so much junk food, especially in 1 night! the next night I took the girls bowling and to Boston Pizza for dinner and Foo actually wanted to order the kids salmon dinner with veggies...and water to drink.... NOT a normal...well my child normal dinner! I was happy about the water and even the veggies but I knew why she was ordering this dinner and I have to say that it broke my heart. It's not her fault that she is a little over weight...she doesn't buy the groceries or steals the money to go to the corner store for a slushy. This being said she is a 7 year old girl who is going to be tall, according to doubling her height when she was 3 she will be 6'1" tall! however teaching her healthy habits is important and for the most part I have gotten a lot better! this does slack off when I am busy, and well I am busy a lot. I find it a hard balance to NOT create an eating phobia and be proactive in their eating habits! I was restricted A LOT and I learned to sneak! like even skipping VBS with my sister and taking our "offering" money to the 7-11 buying candy and sitting in the park till we knew VBS was over and it was safe to walk home again! terrible!!! My mom was a health nut, she still is! my dad is not and would sneak us candy and we LOVED it when my grandmother came b/c she always brought us a coffee crisp chocolate bar and a bag of twizzlers. I even remember eating my mothers baking chocolate! anything to get the craved sugar into my system. I had quite a stash in my bedroom stuffed in the back of my closet. My mom would end up finding out I had eaten sugar b/c I always got a really really bad stomach ache after! So I have been afraid of doing the same thing, maybe swung too far the other way which is usually what happens when fear is dictating your decisions. Hopefully I will find the balance there soon!

wasn't really expecting to post all that! I was going to post some ramblings about what we have been doing this summer and how the store is doing but there you have it, a true lala all over the place post!


lisa said…
My mom made an issue of my weight when I was younger and before that I was oblivious. I vowed that if my kid ever had a weight problem, I would change all our diets with never a hint about why. I was emotionally scarred by my mom's "help". I hid...felt gross, had no confidance, was scared all the time. When I look back at pictures though, I look completely normal. I feel a little robbed of life because of all of it.
Don't make her feel like there's something wrong with her...and I'm sure you don't. Make the changes for everyone and she will be great.

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