coulda shoulda woulda

so we opened our doors on the first of July, Canada Day eh! it was pretty good, lots of people, not bad sales, only 1 negative shopper! all in all pretty good.
the next day the place was dead!
like dead

I know we haven't advertised, this is all part of our "soft" opening but I couldn't help but feel disappointed about the lack of actual people walking thru the shop. It was anti-climatic to the 10th degree.

The next day was even worse!

The restaurant we are sister company to and right next door to, was dead too! all weekend sucked, they have never seen it that slow on a weekend like ever! I had to wonder if people have been holding back going away cuz of the economy and they were finally like "screw the economy lets go away".... whatever the reason it was a brutal opening weekend. I know it won't always be like this but I didn't think it would be this bad either.

This is my opinion of everything, just to clarify! we did have sales, it was great training for the staff and it was good to be able to explain more about what we are doing and special events we are planning in the near future. I also know soft openings are called that for a reason, I just had hoped for so much more! ok I have to say something positive about it all cuz it really wasn't am I feeling guilty about everything right now :( but it was a really good opening to get to know my staff, to learn the POS system, we still have some glitches in the scale, and learn the whole concept of being a cheese market...there is SOOOO much to know! also our sales were not that bad considering, I actually could see that meeting my proposed budget as far as sales go will not be as challenging as I thought!

To make all this seem even worse then it probably is, our oven has a glitch...a BIG glitch and so they decided to shut down the shop until the oven gets fixed.....hopefully we will be up and running by Wednesday. This does give me an unscheduled day off and after 15 days in a row I am ready for that day off, unfortunately my house is majorly reflecting the fact that momma has been insanely busy and every nook and cranny has literally thrown up! I have been crawling on my hands and knees picking up garbage, left over school supplies, endless school projects proudly brought home by my girls and who want me to post them all over the walls and have to decide what to keep and what to cleverly/sneakily hide in the bottom of the garbage can as so my girls don't freak on me crying mommy don't you like my art work? ahhhhhhhhhh ....... so I am purging, and doing mile high laundry piles and discovered my vacuum has sucked 1 dust bunny too many and gone to vacuum heaven.

There is something worse I am dealing with but I am not ready to talk about it publicly.....cuz when the crap hits the fan in my life it ALL hits the fan, like the timing couldn't be worse! anyways I will share later....maybe!

I also am packing my house up, well trying to pack my house up. We have decided we are moving, not sure where to yet, same area but we have to live in a black mold mice infested rotting cupboard free house!

Didn't mean for this post to sound negative but there are so many coulda woulda shoulda's running thru my mind right now.

ok got to run, there are closets full of thats what happened to your lunches for the past 2 months and for the 100th time clean clothes go IN the dresser and dirty ones go in the laundry not the other way around, and when I said start packing up your rooms I didn't mean pack every pair of underwear so you can be stanky girls, and no means no to eating in the mouse infested basement for what I thought were obvious reasons that need this momma's job is never dones attention!


Shash said…
I take a picture of the kid's art, keep 1 great piece, which they choose and photograph the others and then recycle. Some of the larger colouring pieces I keep for wrapping paper.
Nadine said…
I'm sure things will pick up in the shop. It's a matter of time and word of mouth doesn't hurt.

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