I started eating a breakfast cereal we bought when we went to the Sunshine Coast a couple of weeks ago, it's called "holy crap", such a clever name! I actually caught my 2 youngest making commercials in the mirror holding the bag saying
"once you try holy crap you will find that it tastes good and it makes you go crap"
it was soooooooooooo funny

I am in talks to get the product in our new store! anyways I have been eating every morning and I can't believe my energy levels! they are way higher than normal! today I didn't eat it cuz I was out of yogurt (my preferred way to eat it) and man did I feel it....well that and the fact that I was up till 1 am sewing on Friday night and then out last night till 1am at my cousin's daughters stagette...yah I am WAY too old for that!

speaking of old...it's my birthday this month and literally my blood pressure goes up thinking that I am turning 35, feel like I am going to choke out the number, barely can say it out loud. I think I have decided to stay 34.

our house up North had an open house today, waiting to hear how it went, feeling really frustrated with the whole thing, trying to walk it out as patiently and as trusting as I can. It is more frustrating when we are presented with a potential once in a lifetime kind of thing and it all weighs mostly on our house selling...well it has to sell period, so..... I am checking my email even more frequently than normal ( I am very OCD about checking my email accounts) to see if my realtor has an offer for us. Even J is ready to be settled and in fact he said he doesn't want to have to move again.....that is NOT like him. We are ready.

Speaking of moving, it makes me sad knowing that it is final that we will not be moving back North strictly because of my friends up there. I miss them. My heart and thoughts are with my neighbor who lost her sister to cancer last week (she was in her 30's and has a very young daughter). I wish I could do something to help her. My heart cannot fathom that loss.

Work is busy, getting busier and I am still loving it! we keep getting delayed as pulling everything together is a TON of work and relying on trades is not always so fun, and we have yet to have our walk thru with the health inspector and that can be something else to contend with all together!

Had an interesting meeting at our church today after service, we had lunch together and then our Pastor shared his thoughts of where we are as a church. It was a lot of dialogue and left J and I with a lot of things to ponder. BUT I am positive that we are not in control!! and that is always a good thing. I spoke my personal feelings and am feeling a little nervous about how it was received! sometimes how we think we are relaying our feelings/thoughts it gets misread and since that has happened to me just recently I think I was extra nervous! anyways I am pondering all what was said by all.

Kind of some random thoughts but that is kind of where I am at these days!


Reg said…
Where can I get this "Holy Crap"?
Nadine said…
Holy Crap - that's funny. The commerical must have been very humorous.

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