going at 100 miles per hour

I feel like I am running at a fast pace, things are busy! my house has turned upside down! but I am trying to relax, take moments and breathe! I sewed curtains for a property the company I work for manages, I know cuz I have nothing better to do but I enjoyed the break from everything else that I am working at! I kind of got that sewing bug back and so decided to make the girls dresses for my cousin's wedding on the 13th. I have 1 down....it's pretty neat! very different and I think very cool. I will have to take pics of her in it and post them here later! I love sewing, it's so relaxing to me and I find the creativity a great outlet for me.

So what's new in my house besides my crazy work is:

Foo has tonsillitis, she finished her antibiotics and it's back, this has been the pattern and a reason they are scheduled to come out on the 16 of this month! If she still has the infection they will bump her surgery.

Em came in 6th place overall at the district track & field for shotput! and H came in 7th with her team for the freestyle relay. So we were really proud!

Our house still has not sold, we went looking at what is out there, and really really are wanting this done with. So as hard as this is I have to believe that we are waiting for the right buyer at the right price and the right place with the right price is waiting for us!

ok well I am going to start the next dress.....have a great weekend!

EDITED TO ADD:.... here are pics of the 2 dresses I have finished.. I love doing this love how the material becomes something else how I am not entirely sure how it is going to turn out until it's all done.... who would ever want to use a pattern??!!


Nadine said…
Nice dresses.

I hope your daughter gets better soon.

Congratulations to Em.
Shash said…
how did you get all the sewing talent?! so not fair!!

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