Foo's Surgery

How can you tell the above photo was taken Pre-surgery??? poor thing really didn't understand what was about to happen. When she woke up one of the things she said to me was mom can they put the tonsils back in my mouth?
what an emotional roller coaster. This was the first time any of my babies have had to have surgery. Walking in her in to the surgical room, helping her on the bed, holding her hand while she cried and fought the mask and the sleep that was forced on her.............all heart wrenching. Walking back to the room while she was in surgery, waiting to hear the phone ring for them to come get me, watching the clock tick by, all heart wrenching. Seeing her cry in the recovery, listening to the nurse telling her a little too harshly for my liking to stop crying or she is going to hurt herself, the look of sheer panic taking over on her face as she struggled to swallow, watching her cry again when she was wheeled back to her room and see her daddy, watching her daddy bury his face in her shoulder to hide his tears, all heart wrenching. Forcing water, ice chips and Popsicles down her, help her as she throws up, try to make her more comfortable, lie beside her and snuggle, wishing I could take away all her pain, watch her almost faint, all heart wrenching.

What an ordeal. I am glad it is over. I know she will be a healthier girl now that the tonsils and adenoids are out. The Dr said her tonsils were really big and her adenoids were actually infected, so she is on antibiotics for the very last time for this! thank goodness.

She is such a trooper, giving me a smile when I know she doesn't feel like smiling, I think she was very happy to be heading home.
The hospital was great, the children's section was so great with a play room and loads of toys and movies. We all got our own rooms with a TV so they could watch movies all the time and that of course is right up Foo's alley! they have an outdoor play area and everything! I was really impressed.
ok well I am exhausted, I feel like I have been hit by a truck! There are some stresses in play due to work too and our house still with no offers, and to be honest...... I feel like crashing!


Elle*Bee said…
I'm glad the surgery went well. They do bounce back quickly, don't they? Mom on the other hand.... I remember similar feelings when Son #3 had his adenoids out a few years ago. He still has his tonsils, though.
Cheri said…
You were making me cry. Glad to hear everything went well.
Anonymous said…
hello everybody

I figured it would be a good idea to introduce myself to everyone!

Can't wait to get to know you all better!


Thanks again!

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