Family Fun

I LOVE my family! we so know how to have a good time together! and we love to dance and as one person observed at a family wedding last weekend, "you guys will dance to anything!"...pretty much!! I love how we have fun together, all generations!

I tried to download the video on here but no such luck so you will have to click here and go watch it on you tube.

side note: it was my birthday yesterday....not sure how to feel about THIS birthday :) sure wish I could stay 29! well now it would be 29 + 6!! yuck!
also Foo is recovering really slowly! she is up a lot in the night in pain and still has not much of an appetite, she has lost quite a bit of weight (she was 83.5lbs going into the surgery and for a 7 year old that is probably a bit high, so she is not withering away but certainly not good to lose so much so fast!). It is so hard not being able to take the pain away! hopefully she will turn the corner tomorrow!


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