an "ex"

I was going to do this big post about smells.... the smell of Foo's breath as her throat heals from the surgery..yah it smells like rotting foulness....the smell of my house....sewer and now that the drywall has been removed the mice that were getting trapped in there..well they are NOT trapped anymore! my cat killed one last night that was HUGE...

but as I was processing my post...yes believe it or not sometimes I do think about what I am going to say! although mostly I babble and whine about something or other! see, babbling again! anyways as I was saying, I started to read some of my fav blogs, something I don't have hardly any time for anymore, and read Bread Crumbs in the Butter's post "Beautiful" and it was like reading a glimpse of my life but WAY better written!

so go read it and then come back!!

I totally get what she says about the other house, the one that you want/need to sell so badly that it feels like an "ex" you just can't get rid of! we finally got an offer on our house but it was $100,000 LESS than what we are asking! which is already $70,000 lower than the assessment and $20,000 from what we first listed it for, and totally worth it! UGH I feel frustrated!


Hi Lala,

My name is Sarah Lopez and I am trying really hard to get in touch with Rena, blog author of '3 Forward, 2 Back' however I have not had any such luck in reaching her. Tonight I viewed her blog again in hopes she has updated her site (her latest blog entry was back in March) that I might try leaving another comment on her site. (I had left one a bit back but she hasn't replied to it.) Tonight I noticed on her blog roll that it read 'Cousin Lala', which I'm hoping means you are family to her and know how to get in touch with her??? If so can you please give her my blog URL and ask her to please leave me a comment or send me her email information on my 'Contact Us' tab on my site?

I had selected her blog site to be featured in July as CWO's (Christian Women Online) 'Blog of The Month' but I can not find a way to contact her and inform her of the good news. I'd also like to congradulate her as well and give her the HTML 'Blog of The Month' Button Code to display on her site. Can you help me out any? I certainly pray that she is okay.

If there's any way in which you know of that might help me get in touch with her I would be ever so grateful and appreciative!

Thank you and many blessings your way.

In Him,

Sarah Lopez
CWO Blog Moderator

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